I"d prefer to discover out if the expression "an example for this" is chrischona2015.org usage. More specifically, I"d prefer to understand if the preposition "for" is correct. The sentence was composed by a German person.

I"m an American and also know most of the differences between BrE and also AmE, yet had to pause and consider this one since I"ve never ever heard it said choose that. I"ve always said it with the preposition "of": an example of this is . . . .

I inquired top top Google, using assorted questions, yet without success.

Is this another British versus American chrischona2015.org difference? Or is it, as I suppose, a straight translation native German?


The correct preposition is "of". "Example for" is occasionally used in literature, however that is likely due to the fact that of a typo or various other mistake.

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For proof, describe the Ngram results:



There space 319 British nationwide Corpus citations for an instance of this and only one for an instance for this. We don"t to speak for in british chrischona2015.org.


If you have to clarify what the example is alluding to, then "for" or "of" (my preference) is appropriate, yet if the subject is noticeable (usually instantly precedent), girlfriend don"t need either "for" or "if".

An instance is ...


I would practically always use "of" to refer to the subject of one example, as other answers have said. But I can use "for" in a slightly different sense, to refer to the purpose. Because that example*:

I assumed the thing on Newton"s second Law to be confusing. We need an instance for that.

* exciting that we constantly say "for example" and not "of example".


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