I take it Greyhound reasonably frequently, and with weather I understand that delays space bound come happen. However this time the bus was 5 hrs late v minimal come no updates while waiting, which severely, negatively impacted my day and any plan I had actually had.

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I was very dissatisfied. Our bus was already an hour late and then only had actually 10 seats because that 30+ ticketed customers. The driver the the first bus told united state not to worry and that another one would certainly be coming because that the rest of us. Greyhound to be called and also could no confirm this or give us an arrival estimate. Employee at the terminal did no have any type of helpful information. The bus eventually showed increase 3 hours after scheduled. In ~ one suggest the bus driver acquired lost and asked passengers because that directions.
The staff was an excellent but various other than the the expedition was horrible.. On my ticket stub that said just two stops. (One in Kalamazoo and also the destination in Chicago) that was no The instance we ended up protecting against six various other times and all various cities and also ended up taking three extra hours from what the ticket stub said.. Us were supposed arrive in Chicago at 1:30 and didn't gain to Chicago until almost 430. Ns missed my link in Chicago to go to southern Beloit Illinois. The ticket stub is very misleading. The driver the the bus additionally decided to make a pitstop at rapid food joint to speak to one of the waitresses the he knew. He sat down with her because that over 20 minute while us were all waiting to reach our destination.. Again the employee was really nice however unfortunately this occurrence holds me back from taking any an ext bus transportation. This is my an initial time it will certainly be the last.

Kevin M.

July 21, 2017
It will really good if world does not have to run for their sit. Or if the bus stops, people doesn't need to run so they don't loosened their sit that are already using.

Gonzalo M.

March 15, 2017
There to be great delay on the method to Chicago and some human being didnt even fit in the bus!!

Lenka S.

March 5, 2017
The bus to be over one hour delayed! Terrible!!

Haley C.

July 1, 2016
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Bus service providers on This Route


Greyhound US1833 destinations

Miller transportation / Hoosier Ride123 destinations
United claims bus companies: FlixBus, Greyhound, Jefferson Lines, brand-new York Trailways, Peter Pan, Barons Bus, ACN Autobuses

Ann Arbor come Chicago Buses

chrischona2015.org shows you the best bus ticket fares and also bus schedules so you can conveniently plan and also book a expedition by bus indigenous Ann Arbor come Chicago.

Bus organization from Ann Arbor to Chicago will be detailed by the most trusted bus companies.

From cheap bus ticket to much more luxurious buses travel from Ann Arbor come Chicago, we market a wide variety of bus solutions to best suit your needs relying on how much your spending plan is.

Bus Companies

Bus company from Ann Arbor come Chicago are provided by Miller transport / Hoosier Ride and Greyhound US.

Stations & Stops

Buses leaving from Ann Arbor to Chicago will depart from Train Station, Ann Arbor, Blake Transit center or wilhelm St.

A bus ride come Chicago will drop you off at Downtown Greyhound Station, 95th & Dan Ryan CTA, Turimex California Ave, Union Station, Cumberland CTA or Tornado Bus S Kedzie Ave.

Information on this bus route

Daily Buses8
Earliest and Latest Bus Departures12:05AM - 5:05PM
Minimum Price$28
Average Ticket Price$38
Minimum trip Duration4h10m
Average Bus expedition Duration6h35m
Bus service providers on This RouteMiller transportation / Hoosier Ride, Greyhound US


Frequently asked concerns for your pilgrimage Ann Arbor - Chicago

How lot does a bus ticket native Ann Arbor come Chicago cost?

The typical bus ticket price from Ann Arbor come Chicago is $38. The best method to uncover cheap bus tickets from Ann Arbor to Chicago is to book your ticket as beforehand as possible. Prices often tend to climb as your travel day approaches, so book in breakthrough to secure the ideal prices!

How lengthy is the bus ride indigenous Ann Arbor to Chicago?

The average travel time between Ann Arbor and also Chicago is roughly 6h 35m, back the fastest bus will take around 4h 10m.This is the time it take away to travel the 203 miles that separates the two cities.

How plenty of daily bus relations are there in between Ann Arbor and Chicago?

The number of buses from Ann Arbor come Chicago have the right to differ relying on the work of the week. ~ above average, there are 8 top top this route. Some buses run straight routes, if others have actually layovers. Simplify your bus trip from Ann Arbor to Chicago by comparing and selecting the bus that fits you take trip style and budget top top chrischona2015.org.

Which bus suppliers travel native Ann Arbor to Chicago?

When taking the bus indigenous Ann Arbor come Chicago, you have the right to travel comfortably and also safely with Hoosier Ride, Greyhound.

What are the departure and also arrival stations as soon as taking the bus indigenous Ann Arbor to Chicago?

Buses traveling between Ann Arbor and Chicago leave from Train station or Ann Arbor and also arrive in ~ Downtown Greyhound Station, 95th & Dan Ryan CTA, Turimex California Ave.

What space the best sights and also things to execute in Chicago?

Once in Chicago, you deserve to start exploring the city and also discover that surroundings. The height sights and things to carry out are Museum of modern Art, Willis Tower (Sears Tower), Chicago Shakespeare theatre on marine Pier, marine Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo.

About Bus Travel

Bus travel Tips

If you're abroad, study some regional language. Not only might it gain you the end of a pickle throughout your bus expedition from Ann Arbor to Chicago yet it'll additionally be endearing to aboriginal speakers who will surely appreciate your effort.

Much more than a mere car taking girlfriend from Ann Arbor come Chicago, speak the bus will expose you to several of the most stunning panoramas if enroute come your final bus stop.

Taking the bus create the the smallest carbon footprint compared to other settings of transport. Not to mention that buses will allow you to discover scenic jewel from Ann Arbor come Chicago that are otherwise difficult to come by through a plane.

Tune out to the fine sound of your ideal music playlist on your bus pilgrimage from Ann Arbor to Chicago while indulging in mile on end of beautiful scenic views.

Did you know?

9.2% the ground transport in Europe is excellent by bus matches 7.4% by train.

The word 'bus' is one abbreviation of 'omnibus" which way 'for all' in Latin as buses were meant to be transportation for everybody.

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The Superbus, produced by a Dutch engineer is the world's more quickly bus v 250 km/h. Too poor it's just a prototype because that now.