What is the Anti-Lock Braking System?The anti-lock brake device (ABS) is a safety mechanism that allows the wheel on a motor auto to maintain tractive contact / friction through the road surface no matter how hard the driver pushes the brake pedal. The ABS does this by preventing the wheels from locking increase (stopping rotation). This is important because when the wheels on your automobile lock up, you can enter an uncontrollable skid. As such, the ABS typically offers improved automobile control and also decreases stopping distances on both dry and slippery surface by enabling drivers to brake and steer in ~ the exact same time thereby staying clear of an accident. The video below provides a great demonstration that the concept.

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Since early widespread use in manufacturing cars, anti-lock braking solution have evolved considerably. Recent versions not just prevent wheel lock when braking, but likewise electronically control the front-to-rear brake bias. This, coupled through stability control systems, have the right to improve the handling performance on high rate cornering.

It is a an excellent idea to examine out just how your ABS feeling by braking tough on gravel under for sure conditions, and also if feasible with a experienced trainer.

The ABS works by surveillance each wheel with a wheel rate sensor come see when it locks up. As shortly as lockup is detected climate the hydraulic push to the brake on the wheel is released, unlocking the wheel and permitting it to turn again. Every this happens an extremely rapidly and also the driver only knows it is walk on by a sight brake feel change and a noise.

Maintaining your ABSThe ABS system is very reliable if the brake fluid is readjusted (via a brake fluid flush) at constant intervals. Neglect have the right to lead to an extremely expensive repairs. The electronic managed activator and also computer is a very expensive unit ($1300 or more).


The Brake liquid FlushA brake liquid flush is a organization that is performed once the brakes room serviced (i.e. When brake pads replaced). If the brakes have lasted over 3 years or 50,000 mile (whichever comes first) climate the brake liquid should be purged as a different service. This project takes from half an hour come an hour to perform and should encompass cleaning the brake liquid reservoir. The price is indigenous $75 to $150. It entails either using push to push out the fluid through the vehicles 4 bleed fittings or by using the vehicle’s master cylinder come pump the end the old fluid until the is coming the end clean.

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What This method for YouIn closing, the ABS is a safety mechanism that improves the controllability of your vehicle under hard braking conditions. It have to last for fairly a while as lengthy as it is properly maintained via frequently scheduled brake liquid flushes. Importantly, nothing replaces safe driving habits, for this reason be sure to keep a for sure driving distance, and also remember to rise your stopping distances on wet or slippery roads (rain, ice, snow) or road surfaces spanned with loosened materials prefer gravel.