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Dogs love come explore and chew things, especially when they’re younger. And also for everything reason, plenty of dogs enjoy munching on grass and other vegetation.

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My dog Toby is obsessed through sneaking a bite that the lengthy grass that pops up along our wade trails. Because that the most part, i let that grab a couple of bites prior to pulling the leash away. The just downside – and total TMI alert – is that every once and also a while hegets a bit backed up.

I carry out fear, however, that he’ll accidentally gain into a plant that is poisonous and also become sick. The trouble is I have a difficult time telling which plants are fine and which ones are toxic.

To get to the bottom of it, i did part digging v thePet toxicity Helpline, ASPCA and The Humane culture and discovered the 21 most typical plants poisonous come dogs.


Oleander–Oleander is both pretty and also poisonous.All components of the tree contain a very toxic cardiac glycoside that reasons mild come severe issues for furbabies.

Poinsettia– how gorgeous room Poinsettias throughout Christmas time? You’ve probably heard the they are extremely toxic to pets. That is true, but it’s no as major as you’d think. More like a mild discomfort. Still, friend shouldn’t let your pup chomp onPoinsettia pipeline anytime soon.

Rhubarb– A typical plant grown because that edible consumption, royal tree is also known together the pie plant.The leaves contain soluble oxalate crystals. The crystals are less prevalent in the stalk, i m sorry is why royal tree stems room edible however the leaves space not.

Sago Palm– A well-known landscaping plant and additionally used because that bonsai, the Sago Palm is apparently really tasty to pets but also highly toxic. All components are poisonous, yet the seeds room the worst. Symptoms encompass vomiting, enhanced thirst, liver damages or failure, and even death.

Tomato Plant– cultivation tomatoes in your garden is a wonderful way to lug fresh foodstuffs into your home. Just keep them far from your furry family members members. Tomato tree are only mildly toxic, however still, you deserve to do there is no doggy diarrhea and tummy aches.

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Tulip– The bulb of the tulip has actually the highest possible concentration of toxins. Therefore if her dog likes to destruction in the garden, it is in cautious.

What to execute if her dog ingests among these plants

If you doubt your dog has actually been poisoned through a plant, take them to a vet immediately. If the symptoms are pretty mild yet you suspect something might be awry, it’s still a an excellent idea to call your vet or the Pet poison Helpline. It’s always much better to be safe than sorry!