Smosh’s Anthony Padilla (left) is leaving; companion Ian Hecox will keep making videos for the comedy brand. Mike Windle/Getty images for prick clark productions

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Big news in YouTubeland today: Ian Hecox and also Anthony Padilla, better known to their fans as Ian and also Anthony from Smosh, are breaking up.

More specifics Padilla is leaving Smosh and the bro-tastic comedy video clip brand the two men have constructed up, and is walk on to execute his own, kind-of-unspecified-for-now, thing. Hecox will save working ~ above Smosh, which has actually been approximately so lengthy it predates YouTube.

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Smosh and its various spin-off brands now boast 40 million subscribers ~ above YouTube and have generated 11 exchange rate YouTube see over much more than a decade.

If you’re no a fan — and if you’re not a teenager or pre-teen, you probably are not — here’s part vintage Smosh indigenous 2013:

Padilla announced the relocate via a (YouTube, that course) video clip today. The news comes a week before the begin of Vidcon, the web video clip fan + sector convention in Anaheim, California.

Defy Media, the web video company the owns Smosh, says everything’s great, and that they great Padilla well, and they’ll connect to his an individual YouTube channel, whereby he’ll be producing his own stuff because that his 1.3 million subscribers.

And Padilla and Hecox also noted two (very formal, not 100 percent certain it’s your voices) declaration praising every other. You can read those in ~ the bottom the this post.

The factor you’re reading about this on a website that consist of the company of digital media is the Smosh is a huge part of Defy Media’s business, therefore its continued success is crucial to the company. Critical year, Defy elevated a $70 million round.

On the one hand, Padilla, Hecox and also their managers at Defy have actually been planning on this because that a long time, by trying to develop Smosh right into a brand that doesn’t count on their on-screen existence to work. ~ above the various other hand, Smosh hasn’t created any type of other stars with their singular appeal.

Also of note: Barry Blumberg, the former Disney television executive that helped transform Padilla and also Hecox native a novelty act into a business, left Defy a couple of months ago. Defy states the two moves are unrelated.

Bigger questions for YouTube and the web video world in general: just how long, exactly, can a digital native video star stay relevant/popular/lucrative? and also what does a career trajectory look choose for them? Like other YouTube stars, Padilla and also Hecox have played roughly with movies and other non-YouTube platforms. However like other YouTube stars, lock seem most relevant ~ above YouTube.

Here room those statements:

IAN: Anthony and I have actually been friends because that 19 years, and creative partners because that the previous 11 the those years. Throughout that time, we’ve built a comedy brand we’re therefore proud the and, next by side, arisen content us loved – SMOSH wouldn’t be what that is today without his contributions. As Anthony move on to seek new an imaginative endeavors, myself and also everyone in ~ SMOSH space excited to watch what the does next. I"m really looking forward to acquisition SMOSH to the next phase, and also we can"t wait for human being to see what we have actually coming up.

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ANTHONY: "I"m for this reason sad to watch this chapter of mine life coming to a close, yet I will proceed to support Ian and wish nothing yet the finest for him and also the brand we produced together. Together I begin this adventure, i am excited to go back to a emotion that ns felt many years ago; a rush of adrenaline adhering to a new and interesting idea. Developing as an individual is a passion that I have wanted to check out for a lengthy time. To every those that have adhered to Ian and also I transparent the years, i will constantly be so thankful for the ongoing love and support. As scary together this is, i am excited because I recognize that no matter what happens, ns am adhering to what"s true to me and what I"m passionate about. Ns hope to see you all on my journey."

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