Are Magnets Dangerous?

With the development of science and technology, the types, shapes, and functions that magnets have actually become an ext diverse, and also their applications have actually become more comprehensive and wider. In several of our various other blog posts, we have actually written about the various uses the magnets in our everyday lives. But are magnets dangerous? Is the magnetic ar of the magnet harmful come the human being body? In this article, us will try to discover answers to these questions.

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Are Magnets Dangerous?

Is the magnetic ar of the magnets harmful come the human being body? 

Yes and also No. Together you know, whatever is relative. Whether the magnetic field is harmful to the person body or not relies on the stamin of the magnetic field. Generally speaking, magnets below 3000 Gauss (magnetic ar unit) space basically harmless come the person body, while magnets with magnetic ar strength over 3000 Gauss room harmful come the person body.

Some world are afraid the the magnetic field of the magnet will influence their health. In fact, they do not have to concern too much about that. Although some magnets are harmful come humans, this an unfavorable effect is additionally negligible. According to tests, under common circumstances, the influence of the magnetic ar of the magnet ~ above the human body is only one-fifth that the affect of the TV ~ above the human being body.

Are magnets dangerous?

Although the magnetic ar of the magnet is no harmful to the human body, or the risk to the person body is negligible, the contact with the magnet chin may cause the following species of harm to the person body:

1. The attraction in between the magnets may reason pinch injuries, particularly some strong magnets, together as NdFeB strong magnets. The bigger the magnet and also the more powerful the magnetic force, the an ext severe the injury to the human being body.

2. If magnets are swallowed into the body by a child, the injury will certainly be more serious and also sometimes even life-threatening. Because the magnet chin is magnetic, and the common attraction of the magnets in the human body will reason intestinal perforation in the body and major bleeding, which will certainly be life-threatening. Therefore, please carry out not give youngsters some tiny yet powerful magnets to prevent being swallowed through them and also causing injury.


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