Pitbull is one of the most affectionate household pets that ns know. So, the no surprised that over there are civilization like friend who space interested in this breed.

Knowing the difference in between male and female Pitbulls will certainly surely help you to know the one that will be perfect for her needs and lifestyle.

Although lock both do well in a family environment, there room few far-reaching differences between the two genders. 

So, i m sorry one is better: masculine Pitbull or woman Pitbull? If you’re in search of a far better family pet, you may want to choose a masculine Pitbull as it is a loving and also a perfect playmate for your kids. If you’re looking for a much better guard dog, a woman Pitbull is what you need since it is a cautious and smart dog.

But whichever sex girlfriend choose, you should do your part and provide them the ideal environment and training for this reason they deserve to fit right right into your home.

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To assist you further, we will discuss what makes a male Pitbull different from their female counterparts concerning their temperament, health, habits toward people, etc. Let’s gain into it and find i m sorry one is the finest fit for you and also your family.

Male Pitbulls


Height: 18 – 21 customs (46 – 53 cm)

Weight: 35 – 60 lbs (15 – 27 kg)

Puppy Price: $2,000 – $20,000

Lifespan: 12 – 16 Years

Build: Bulkier with more muscle mass.


Confident, smart, and good-natured.Intolerant and also aggressive towards other male dogs.Less suspicious of strangers.More demanding that attention.Excels in ~ protecting a entirety family or territory.Harder to train once young.More likely to bond with all family members equally.More aggressive throughout feeding.More playful, especially with children.More hyper throughout puppy years.A bit an ext stubborn.More intelligent and also eager to please the owner.Less clean and neat overall.Hard getting along with other masculine dogs at the dog park.

Female Pitbulls


Height: 17 – 20 customs (43 – 51 cm)

Weight: 30 – 50 lbs (13 – 22 kg)

Puppy Price: $2,000 – $20,000

Lifespan: 12 – 16 Years

Build: Slimmer with less muscle mass.


Confident, smart, and also good-natured.Intolerant and also aggressive towards other female dogs.More suspicious of strangers.Less demanding of attention.Excels in ~ protecting one individual like her owner.Easier to train as soon as young.Less likely to bond with all household members equally.Less aggressive throughout feeding.Can be a little less playful.Less hyper throughout puppy years.Less stubborn.Less intelligent and also eager to please the owner.More clean and neat overall.Hard getting together with other female dogs at the dog park.

Physical Differences


Male Pitbulls space not that different from the females in overall physical appearance, however they do have some differences.

They usually look a small bigger as they weigh about 35 pounds and can be as massive as 60 pounds. They have actually a elevation of 18 to 21 inches, i m sorry is taller 보다 the females. 

Males have an ext muscle mass and also bulkier body. They could pack more muscles per pound of body load than any other dog breed. Also the human body muscles in your neck and also head space well emerged too.

Their head shape is also a little bit bigger and more comprehensive than most of the mrs Pitbulls. So, they may have actually a wider jaw, i m sorry is the many noticeable facial characteristic the a Pitbull.


Female Pitbulls are tinier and also smaller in size than their masculine counterparts. They just weigh around 30 pounds and could be as huge as 50 pounds. They space a bit much shorter when it concerns height together they just stand around 17 to 20 inches.

Although their all at once size is still huge compared to other breeds, the mrs Pitbulls are smaller than masculine Pitbulls in both height and weight.

Another noticeable thing about female Pitbulls is that their back is longer and thinner. They likewise have narrow heads and smaller face contrasted to males. 

It might not it is in noticeable, however there is a slim difference in between the male and the female about their eyes and also fur about their mouth.

The woman Pitbulls’ eye are broader apart when the hair about their mouth have to be tighter 보다 their male counterparts. 

Temperamental Differences


Males have the right to be relatively much more playful but can be independent too. However, they have tendency to have a leading personality, especially if you made decision not to neuter your dog.

They will mark or urine everywhere, around and outside the house, and also will be much more aggressive against whoever procedures inside their territory.

On average, they space not the aggressive to dogs and humans. They are usually friendly and not very hard come please. Usually, they’re an ext tolerant and excited to check out people.

They are so fast to run and play if they check out someone new. They space also more affectionate than females. However, a couple of factors can be the culprit the why various other Pitbulls have a negative temperament. 

A couple of studies imply that puppies can inherit the negative temperaments of their parents via their genetics. The brutal habits might come from their parents, that were elevated as violent dogs and also used to take part in a dog’s fight for their previous owner’s amusement. 

Aside from the dog’s genetics, we should also look into the environment and also how their previous owners treated them. As pointed out before, the owner can have increased them as fighting dogs.

It is also feasible that they can have to be living in negative conditions or had actually harmful society interactions with other people and dogs. Also, there are situational factors to consider, together as anxiety levels competent by the mother during pregnancy. 

Besides their aggressive behavior, males have greater energy 보다 female Pitbulls, but they commonly ease up after the very first year. This male’s carefree perspective also means they deserve to be a bit messier and clumsier than most female Pitbulls.


Females likewise mark their territories, however this is very uncommon. Usually, many of the non-spayed females don’t do any markings. What many dog owners worry about is as soon as their mrs Pitbull goes into warmth or bleeding, otherwise known as Estrus.

This cycle wake up every six months or double a year. Throughout this period, the woman Pitbull will feel restless and urinate a lot. 

Female Pitbulls are much less likely to fight with various other dogs; however, it can show aggressiveness throughout or ~ pregnancy. To stop this, you must spay her pet. However, there are advantages and flaw of sterilizing her female Pitbull, i beg your pardon I will slightly tackle later.

Other 보다 that, numerous Pitbull owners have mentioned that female Pitbulls are much more connected v the owner, therefore it way that they deserve to be an ext demanding of attention.




Males space trainable at very early age, yet it will be an overwhelming to train unneutered Pitbulls as they have tendency to it is in stubborn and bossy. Their aggressive behavior makes the cultivate more an overwhelming too. 

For example, a male Pitbull deserve to sense or odor a mrs Pitbull in warmth nearby. However, if that is within the house, he will not have the ability to get come her, thus leading to frustration and aggression. Since of this, your male Pitbull companion will be much less responsive to her commands. 

Like many dogs, Pitbulls exhibition warning signs, such as a rapid movement or a growl, before tempting to bite or use their teeth if they acquire aggressive. They perform not unexpectedly snap there is no reason, so it will certainly be easy to call if they to be aggressive or agitated at the moment. 

They likewise get conveniently distracted and also even a bit goofy throughout training, so friend will need a lot of patience once training your male Pitbull.

You may discover yourself struggling to keep his attention to yourself and the maintain program. So, overall, masculine Pitbulls are harder to residence train 보다 females.


Females are easier to residence train as they with maturity faster than their male counterparts. Since of this, you deserve to have them trained or attend classes at an early age. The woman Pitbulls generally mature about the period of two, conversely, males mature roughly four. 

Female Pitbulls are much more serious and focused as soon as it concerns training. They additionally respond much better with positive encouragement and also praise during training 보다 males.

However, it is still tough to train them, especially during their warm cycle or Estrus. Lock are likely to feeling restless and also ignore your orders throughout those time of the year. However, lock are much more manageable on consistent days.

Health Differences


Male Pitbulls are typically healthy with an median lifespan of 12 come 16 years, but they’re likewise prone to specific health conditions. Don’t issue much as not all Pitbulls will certainly get any or every one of these diseases.

As long as they’re getting the proper care, they will be fine and healthy. Still, it’s crucial to be aware of them if you considering acquiring this breed.

Some owners point out that male PitBulls deserve to be much more prone to bone injuries, joint and hip difficulties than females as they are an ext energetic and also playful. They could likewise suffer indigenous hip dysplasia and also knee problems.

It is plausible to endure from these problems as occasionally when girlfriend play v them, they operation at their top speed and could damaged themselves. Also when merely recording a ball, they might tear your cranial cruciate ligament.

Male dogs are additionally said come be an ext prone come struvite bladder stones than female dogs.

Aside from those, right here are the typical health problems that you must be aware of:

Thyroid ProblemsIchthyosisNerve DiseaseBalance ProblemsCleft Lip or PalateBlindnessParvo

They are also prone to numerous skin disorders ranging from mange, itchy allergies, tumors, and also even skin cancer because of their short coat.


Female Pitbulls are typically healthy favor their male counterparts. However they likewise suffer indigenous the common health difficulties that ns have detailed above. However, there are details conditions that just female Pitbulls experience.

Female Pitbulls might suffer native an epidemic in your uterus called pyometra. It is regularly the result of hormonal transforms in their reproductive tract. Many female dogs die from this infection, which can be prevented totally by spaying her dog.

It is also an ext likely the female Pitbulls can construct mammary tumors or experience from chest cancers, largely if they remained un-spayed.

While spaying her dogs deserve to prevent these infections, over there are additionally some drawbacks that deserve to severely affect your dog’s health.

According come a study at the college of California (Davis) Veterinary to teach Hospital, spaying boosts the danger of obesity and also a couple of other health threats such together the following:

ObesityHemangiosarcomaHypothyroidismHip dysplasiaTorn LigamentsBone CancerUrinary incontinence

However, like any other breeds, with appropriate guidance, environment, and also supervision, these room all avoidable.

With Children


Pit Bulls are terrific playmate because that children. They space sturdy, energetic, and also tolerant. They likewise have a good sense the humor, for this reason they are right playmates.

However, no dog should ever be left unsupervised through children. They might injure the kids due to their heavy body as soon as they bump on castle or expedition them because of their clumsiness.

Male Pitbulls are as for sure as any type of other dog as lengthy as you raised them correctly. That is a have to that they live in a healthy and balanced environment, make them attend socialization training, and adequately house-train them.

Male Pitbulls space sweet creatures and also protective of your family, which makes them a an excellent family companion.

But to be safe, you must teach your children too regarding particular things that could agitate the dog, such as pulling the dog’s ears or tail.

Teach them never to approach any type of dog if the dog’s resting or eating or even take the dog’s food away. And also make certain that your son understands just how to behave approximately them.

Make certain to provide your dog also his exclusive place. Let that escape to this ar whenever he feels overwhelmed through noises and sudden activities of the kids.


As I have mentioned above, woman Pitbulls mature faster than their masculine counterparts. Lock are much more cautious and calmer roughly young children.

They likewise like playing through the kids, yet they have less energy to play all day and retreat to their comfort zone, unlike their masculine counterparts.

It would still be better to spay her female Pitbulls and also teach your children how come treat castle well together there is a opportunity they can get aggressive throughout their warmth cycle.

Female Pitbulls generally bond to one person only, therefore they may come to be pushy around sleeping in the same room v their favorite family member. And there space times where their maternal instinct will certainly switch on and do whatever to protect her family.

With various other Dogs



Unneutered masculine Pitbulls are more aggressive to various other dogs 보다 female Pitbulls. An intact male will certainly be inclined to mark its territory to assert dominance. But this doesn’t typical that every dogs are prefer this.

Many even believed that they might be more social with brand-new animals and also people 보다 the mrs Pitbulls. Castle only need socialization, obedience training, and monitoring, just like any other dog.

According to countless experts, Pitbulls should attend socialization cultivate as at an early stage as possible to prevent aggressive tendencies in dogs and avoid pass on poor temperaments to its puppies.

Actually, in a current study by the American Temperament testing Society, Pitbulls had actually a passing price of 83.9%. They discussed that Pitbulls were typically less aggressive when challenged with confrontation situations.

However, the ATTS website has actually a disclaimer concerning their study. They claimed that the data they have actually presented on their website is raw. That is no a scientific study, nor is there any type of statistical definition attached to it.

They also included that they have actually no control over who brings their dog for the test, and there is no accurate data regarding a dog breed’s population in the US.


Females are much less likely come fight and assert their dominance when they accomplish a new dog for the an initial time. They’re additionally less likely to operation off and play v the new dog or various other dogs in the park.

Nevertheless, it would be safe to store them on your side or supervise castle while castle play with other dogs.

Female dog only display aggressiveness throughout their warmth cycle and after pregnancy. Therefore, they will be much less tolerant of the noises and quick movements.

Also, numerous dog owners have actually noticed that females are likely to gain along far better with the male dog in the house. So, jealousy could also play a component in why they are aggressive.

With cat & other Pets


Male Pitbulls can obtain along quite well through cats and other pets, just like how lock treat various other dogs as long as girlfriend trained castle properly.

To be safe, neutered or not, Pitbull need to not it is in left alone, and also you need to supervise them if there are various other pets such as cats as they might see cats and also other tiny animals as prey.

And because there’s no way you can know how strong your dog’s food drive is, you must be at least acquainted with the indicators of aggression or stress.

Generally, male Pitbulls have the right to be more social v other animals due to your affectionate and playful nature. With appropriate socialization, Pitbulls and also other pets have the right to coexist without any type of problems.


Although they are an ext cautious at meeting brand-new pets or other animals, mrs Pitbulls are much less likely come be wild to assert dominance. Yet then again, they could show some aggressiveness during their heat cycle.

If she is no in her heat cycle and suddenly i do not care aggressive to other pets, it could be due to the fact that of hormone changes and growing pains. The is necessary to take she to a vet to watch if over there are any type of illnesses or injuries.

Pitbulls are well-known for having actually a high pain tolerance and also enduring pains for prolonged period, so possibly she is protecting it s her from the various other dog or various other pets.

If there space no health and wellness issues, you have to look right into a trainer or a behaviorist to see if they deserve to offer part guidance. However, that is best to different your dog and other pets permanently.

Which Is much better for a Family?

This concern is hard to answer, together it counts on the owner’s preference and also lifestyle. Both male and also female Pitbulls deserve to do exceptionally fine in a family environment, through or without various other pets.

They space loving and intelligent companions because that the family. Also in the early 20th century, Pitbulls to be the No. 1 household dog. They space both listed for their gentleness, affection, and also loyalty.

However, they space not for busy people. It requires an owner that is ready to put in the time to effectively train and also socialize them come avoid any aggression issues and also incidents.

Many dog owners recommend acquiring spayed woman Pitbulls, while the others recommend neutered masculine Pitbulls. That will rely on the owner, and people have to take keep in mind that every dog is different. Nevertheless, below are the benefits of every dog:

Advantages of masculine Pitbulls in a family members environment:

Very playful and goofy.Have a good sense of humor.Energetic and also athletic.Friendly and also affectionate come people.Tolerant with kids.Bonds through all the household members.Independent and also not clingy.Very passionate to please its owner.Very excited come see brand-new people or strangers.More social with other pets.Relatively couple of health problems.

Advantages of woman Pitbulls in a family members environment:

Mature early.Non-spayed females don’t usually perform markings.Much calmer and cautious.Less aggressive.Less likely to struggle with various other dogs.Easier to train.More concentrated on training.Very patient and calm about children.Good because that breeding.

Both male and female Pitbulls are typically friendly with people. However, if you’re trying to find a dog the you deserve to train with an ext ease, it could be much better to very own or take on a mrs Pitbull.

If you already have a dog in the house, it would certainly be best to pick the the opposite sex as they will acquire along much far better than owning a dog v the very same sex.

If girlfriend have youngsters in the house, male Pitbulls space much far better playmates than their woman counterparts. But the female Pitbulls are lot calmer and also less clumsy, i beg your pardon is great if you intend to bring them to family outings.

If you have actually a cat or various other pets in the house, it would certainly be smarter to obtain a masculine Pitbull. Still, as I have mentioned above, they need the ideal training and have them attend socialization maintain at an early age to minimization this risk.

As long as you have actually time come train and socialize with them and also make certain they room in a fair and also loving environment, you’ll be it s okay with whatever sex friend choose.

Which Is a far better Guard Dog?

Pitbulls are horrible security dogs because they love human being too much. Many Pitbulls room not that even protective due to the fact that they prefer to you re welcome the people roughly them.

They may alert you come the presence of strangers roaming about nearby, but that is just because they’re eager to fulfill them. However, larger Pitbulls have the right to become an ext protective.

While their love of world makes them failures as guard dogs, they have the right to still safeguard their family. Lock will protect their household with their stays when put in a threaten scenario. So, if you tend to do them right into a security dog, right here are each dog’s advantages:

Benefits of masculine Pitbulls as a safety dog:

AthleticLarger bodyJaws and neck room immensely powerfulBetter at sensing world or other animalsCan overcome other dogs

Advantages of woman Pitbulls together a security dog:

Can be too many protectiveIntelligentMature and also easy come train

It every boils down to how you will train your dog to safeguard you and also your family. Overall, female Pitbulls are far better personal security dogs 보다 male Pitbulls. It will be situational, yet female Pitbulls are usually cautious.

They will certainly silently go into into a totally alert place without growling or snarling. Castle will only react v aggression if they recognize or feel that someone they love is in danger.

Final Thoughts

Both male and also female Pitbulls have actually their quirks and personalities. Lock both deserve to do fine in a family members environment, however you additionally have to perform your part as one owner.

These dogs require supervision, training, and also a place to run as soon as things end up being overwhelming because that them. Every little thing sex girlfriend choose, their behavior will rely on the environment, past experiences, and also how girlfriend treat them.

So, make certain to visit a vet, trainer, or a respectable breeder come get enough information on your behavior and also treat castle better. 

Nevertheless, they are a great addition to her family. They space the perfect playmates for children as long as friend both supervise them. High power kid and high energy Pitbull will surely lug some laughter and joy for everyone.

Just make sure to keep an eye on all interactions between your kids and your Pitbull to avoid any feasible accidents or problems.

You can also bring her dog follow me for out of town household trips or camping, specifically if you have a mrs Pitbull together they space calm and less clumsy.

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I hope this comparison between the two will give you part idea i beg your pardon one to pick.

And i hope that you take on instead the buying native a pet save as there are a many Pitbulls from rescue centers the are looking for a location they can speak to home. So, give these adorable dog the attention, many love, and also affection that they need.