Are Optimus and Megatron brothers?

No, in the film Megatron refers to Prime as brother, however this refers back to Cybertron. Optimus, to be originally called Orion Pax, and also worked together a kind of accountant. This is why Megatron describes Optimus as Brother. They to be brothers in war.

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Why is Optimus element a truck?

Why go Optimus Prime appear as a van on Cybertron in the Bumblebee movie as soon as he had actually not yet set foot on earth in order come scan a truck? His Cybertronian setting was nice close to a truck, therefore he picked an earth mode that was yes, really close, choose cosplaying a character you already kinda resemble.

Who killed soundwave?

When Ultra Magnus reported this, Jack had actually a setup to eliminate Soundwave utilizing his “relocation trick” versus him. The Groundbridged to the Nemesis leg where four Vehicons aimed in ~ him. Miko then jumped through wearing the Apex Armor, eliminated them and charged at Soundwave.

Is unicron a Decepticon?

Unicron’s beginning has broadened over the year from just being a huge robot to being a god the chaos that devours realities. He frequently employs the assist of Decepticons in his work, and in part stories is considered part of the origin of the Decepticon forces….

Alternate modesPlanet X, Cybertronian Tank

Who is more powerful Megatron or Optimus Prime?

Throughout each movie after the an initial one, Optimus became an ext and an ext violent and also stronger 보다 the last and also even obtaining smarter. Additionally at the end of the 3 movie, even though Optimus is missing an arm, he kills Megatron almost instantly without batting one eye. Megatron is inferior and Optimus is superior.

Does cliffjumper constantly die?

Cliffjumper survived Transformers the movie (1986). He’s really only died twice for a while. Prime to be fine due to the fact that his death actually expected something, however in the Bumblebee movie it could’ve been literally anyone else and just felt like “hey, this is cliffjumper!

Why go they kill Ironhide?

But Ironhide died because he was the only thing standing between the vault and sentinel since he was the brawn of the group and no one escapes from his wrath so The most easy answer to be to death him.

Why Starscream deserve to never die?

13 HIS SPARK IS INDESTRUCTIBLE Yes, Starscream is really the vampire the Transformers– he can more or much less live forever. Because of this, as soon as his physical type is destroyed, he can live as a ghost and also possess other bodies, together he go in Beast battles (more on that later).

How did Galvatron die?

It is revealed the what they in reality did was transport his mind right into the brand-new body and he was able to repair himself and also take the human body over. This is what happens to Galvatron in ~ the finish of AoE. It strongly suggests that Megatron has been reborn right into the “Galvatron” body.

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How does ironhide die?

3 Ironhide (Transformers: The Movie) The 1986 man movie begins with a devastating and also uncharacteristically violent attack from the Decepticons ~ above Autobot forces. Ironhide died in the live-action films at the hand of Sentinel Prime, in Dark of the Moon.


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