Can girlfriend Wear a Rosary together a Necklace? (Even If You’re no Catholic)

Post published:October 12, 2019

Many rosaries are rather beautiful, and they do regularly resemble necklaces. Yet is it proper to undertake one together such, whether you’re Catholic or not? the something the a controversial topic among Catholics, and also everyone has their own opinion. We’ve done our research and also found the answers you looking for!

While some think about wearing these holy beads to be taboo, the practice of attract the rosary days far earlier in the history of Christianity. Normally speaking, if you are Catholic, you may wear the rosary as a necklace if that is worn in an expression of faith. Like numerous debates defining sin, it every boils under to intent. If you are not Catholic and do not maintain confidence attached come the Rosary prayers, the is taken into consideration wrong and also perhaps even a josh of these sacred beads.

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Wearing the rosary has actually taken various forms end the years, and also is regarded in different way in various cultures. Check out on come learn about the purpose of the rosary, its development over the years, and check out part fashion options to rosaries we’ve uncovered for you!

What is the function of a Rosary?

When most civilization speak that rosaries, they’re referring to the strings of rosary beads. The purpose of these beads is to count prayers, and also the prayers that room counted are jointly referred to together the Rosary. For the objective of this post, we’ll usage “rosary” to refer to the beads and also “Rosary” to refer to the prayers.

A roman inn Catholic rosary is made up of a series of beads, medals, and a singular crucifix. We begin with the crucifix, complied with by a huge bead, three smaller beads, and also another large bead, totaling 5 beads. This are commonly followed by a medal. Then following roughly the rosary chain are 5 sets of ten little beads, each separated through one larger bead.

The Rosary prayers space meant to keep memories of specific events and also mysteries in history. They space prayers come Jesus v his mother, Mary, showing on events in Jesus’s life. A rosary is a useful tool because the Rosary prayers room extensive and also repetitive. Having the beads to hold while reciting the prayers helps the user keep track that how numerous times prayer has actually been recited, thereby clearing the mind and allowing an ext focus on the prayer itself.

The Rosary prayers begin with Apostle’s Creed, recited while holding the crucifix. What adheres to is Our dad prayed top top each bigger bead, and Hail mary prayed ~ above each smaller sized bead. A much more elaborate Hail Mary might be prayed top top the medal if one is present.

On the rosary, each set of ten beads to represent a decade, with one secret per decade. There are fifteen mysteries total, so come pray the entire Rosary requires praying three times roughly the rosary chain. Prayers and rosary designs may vary slightly, but the basis continues to be constant.

History of wearing the Rosary

Some take into consideration wearing the rosary together an plot of vanity, others wear it as a respectful act of religious homage. However brandishing these beads is actually incredibly popular and historically ingrained in specific cultures, particularly Hispanic cultures. Among the earliest documents of the rosary as a fashion declare occurred about the 1930s in Los Angeles, amongst the American-born kids of mexican migrants. Rosary beads were often worn together a social symbol, connecting this population to your heritage. The style evolved over the decades, at some point presenting chin in among three major ways – as the original link to one’s heritage, together a symbol of devotion and protection, or together a symbol of corridor affiliation.

As time evolved into the 70s, rosaries ongoing to flourish within the gang and also goth cultures. Members the these groups were often drawn to icons of sacredness transparent history, making use of these symbols to craft their external appearance. This groups began the normalization of attract the rosary outside of spiritual devotion.

The last straw acquisition this trend into the mainstream is usually credited to Madonna. Madonna wore rosaries in the “Like a Virgin” video clip released in 1984. This video, this moment was a disruption the sorts, together a celebrity of she status had never inserted rosaries right into mainstream media before. She proactively presented the rosary as a fashion statement and the ball kept rolling indigenous there.

Today, the rosary proceeds to be worn in various circles, periodically as fashion, periodically representing faith, periodically both. 

What go a black color Rosary Mean?

As a liturgical color, black represents death and also mourning. However, ours research shows that the shade of rosary beads is insignificant. Castle come in a selection of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials, and whatever you pick falls to an individual preference. It has no affect on the rosary’s purpose.

What are Some Fashion alternatives to wearing a Rosary?

If you room not Catholic and/or gain wearing the rosary specifically as a fashion statement, yet wish come respect the Catholic faith, we suggest looking at some alternatives! We’ve debated the rosaries are made up of beads, probably medals, and also a crucifix. We’ve damaged down this parts and found some choices embracing one or 2 of these elements, to provide you the rosary look without the exact design.

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If you favor the watch of the crucifix:

Consider a crucifix alone, whether the chain is beaded or otherwise. This beloved necklace functions a simple engraved wood crucifix and also a chain of refined wood beads. This alternative is closestly in style to a genuine rosary, only lacking a medal and also the department of sets of ten beads by larger beads. Inspect it the end on Amazon here!


If you’d choose to don a medal that sorts:

There space so many alternatives for medals that the Virgin Mary. Designs vary widely, you can uncover the most basic engravings and the most intricate decorations. This instance falls in the middle – a vibrant rendering of mary is surrounding by actual dried and pressed flowers, held by a basic silver chain. Examine it the end on Amazon here!


If you desire both the crucifix and the medal, yet a various design:

Consider a bracelet! over there are numerous rosary-like bracelet designs, special both a crucifix and a medal through beads connecting them. Our instance here features just that. This all silver option has actually a tiny crucifix and also metal charms, organized by a chain with distanced beads. Check it out on Amazon here!


As you have the right to see, the action of wearing the rosary has gone through fairly an advancement over the years. A Catholic tool became a prevalent belief symbol within Hispanic culture, then advanced into mainstream fashion culture. Nobody of these supplies for the rosary have actually phased the end over the year – they room all still prevalent today. Despite opinions on put on the rosary vary, the bulk of Catholics, clergymans included, seem to agree – so lengthy as it is through the intentionally of faith and also devotion by those who proactively pray the Rosary, wearing her rosary as a necklace is welcome.