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Literal Comprehension:In this essay, Serena Nanda discusses the marriage process practiced in India. In India arranged marriages are practiced than other types of marriages. Family members members, specifically parents are much came to with the people being married. Parents select a companion of their child or daughter. They need to go through a long process in finding a an ideal marriage partner for their son and also daughter. They take into consideration the person’s personality, color, character, education, social class, and also many an ext things; they shot to uncover out a perfect person native the same society also. Personal choice is additionally a part of if arranging a marriage. The bride and groom can fulfill shortly prior to marriage. There is additionally a matchmaking procedure in India to discover out match able person. The writer visits numerous times India and she has actually made numerous friends there. She did examine as a project job-related there and tried to find a great match for she friend’s son. She enjoyed attending a marriage ceremony and being a matchmaker too. As she used to think marriage like in American and also European countries, she uncovered very daunting in India.

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Interpretation:This essay is came to about society variation between American and Indian societies. In this essay, the writer gift an account the the processes of the arranged marital relationship in India. An arranged marriage is not exercised in western American society. According to the Americans, marital relationship becomes successful with love no with other matters. This essay shows the culture and the prestige of the arranged marital relationship of India. In India, parents choose the partner of your child. They space not complimentary to choose their own marital relationship partner themselves. Although that is odd and strange for Americans, it is social and social norms and also value that Indian people.

Critical Thinking:This essay is a information of the process of finding a perfect girl for a boy to marry. It is composed by an American mrs from the allude of watch of the western eye around eastern culture. That is written about eastern society from the suggest of see of western people. Arranged marriage for westerns looks various from their suggest of view however it is an extremely common in eastern societies. Marriage is a social exercise so human being may feel different around any society phenomena the come from various society. Any brand-new matchmaker cannot do his her job, that is from various society. We rely on our relatives who understand everything around families. In India, parents room much connected in the marriage but they never permit their kids to take a divorce. They room not totally free for love marriage like in western societies.

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Assimilation:Cultural research of various societies is an extremely interesting for me also. That gives great pleasure come the college student or researchers. Together I additionally like such marital relationship are arranged in different ways according to different castes, religions and also cultures room arranged in different way according to different castes, religious beliefs and cultural groups. I also knew this that many eastern or Indian and Nepali civilization like arranged marriage and western favor love marriage. I additionally believe in an i ordered it marriage since I have actually seen many failures love marriages and also successfull arrange marital relationships too. In the essay, the emotion of Sita is fairly reasonable and convincing. In India and in Nepal, the parental look for the ideal man or mrs for your son and daughter. This is durable and also practical additionally though it is difficult to find a match.