Boy vowel namesare getting renowned nowadays because of their coolness.Boy’snames beginning with letter Aare second to names beginning with J in popularity v Aiden and also Alexander in the rise. Top top the other hand, 2 of thebest boy names beginning with vowelsare theboy names starting with Ewhich are Ethan and also Elijah. Isaac, Isaiah and also Ian to be the popular names among theboynames that start with the letter I.Oliver and also Owen space leading the names starting with the letter O and also U is the most unusual letter that has someunique boy names.

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If you are in search of a name that starts through a vowelfor your little prince, right here are several of thebest boy names beginning withvowels.

Baby boy names starting with vowels



This name has a Hebrew origin and ancient Egyptianorigin. In the Old testament of the Bible, Aaron to be the older brothers ofMoses.


This is among thebiblical boy names that startwith a vowel.Abel is the surname of Adam and also Eve’s regrettably younger sonbut capable, competent, ready and willing.


This name is still among the most timeless boy nameswidely used because of that is biblical and American history.


One that thebest young names starting withvowelsnowadays since of its hopeful references among celebrities andparents.



Adam is based on the Old Testament yet is now beingreplaced by more recent boybaby names.


Adrian is now a name being reconsidered and iswell-used in England since the 1950s for it is the surname of one Pope.


A variant of Adrian and is a dashing Italian name.


It is a rhythmic name the depicts inventiveness andcreativity favor the famous Thomas Edison.


One that the sophisticatedboy names the startwith Eand almost identical come its French pair Edmond.


The surname Edward is a timeless name in movies and inand out of fashion. However, that getting renowned nowadays due to the fact that of the malelead of the movie Twilight.


It was acquired by the Hebrew word, “aly” i beg your pardon means“high”. Eli to be a high monk in the Old testimony who trained the prophet, Samuel.


One that the most well known names beginning with E. In theOld Testament, Elijah was the prophet who went to heaven in a chariot the fire.



It is the Scottish surname for John and is derived fromthe Hebrew surname Yohanan.


A Welsh name that depicts Nelson Mandela in a film.


This surname is an interesting an option for its solid beatand creative sound. That is associated with a an excellent British architect and also stagedesigner.


This is just one of theclassical biblical babynamesas well the is increasing at the perform of the well-known boys’ names.


Ivan is among the couple of Russian boys’ names that isfully welcomed in the American specify name pool.


It is a biblical name surpassing the renowned namesfrom the Old Testament, Aaron, and Adam. It is once neglected however now, it isrising on the location of the American specify name pool.


One of theone-syllable boy namesthatsymbolize solidity, strength, and also longevity.


This is the supreme Norse namethe norseman god of art, culture, wisdom, and also law that is additionally handsome, charming and also eloquent.


This name is based upon the name of the brave and also resourcefulhero that Homer’s epic saga and is constantly considered for a brave child.


It has Irish and also Norse roots-Norse Oscar the comesfrom the Old English, Osgar.


One the the most well-known O boy names, obtained fromOlivier which is the Norman-French variation of the ancient Germanic nameAlfher.

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This name is one of the few boy name that start withletter U and is associated with the Homeric hero, the eighteenth presidentGrant, and also the James Joyce novel.

Now that we have offered you few of thebest boy names beginning with vowels,have you currently thought the a name for her baby boy? Thereare a many of distinctive nameslisted over and most are surprisingly from the Bible. Amazing, right?