Scheduled come take location at Palm Desert’s McCallum Theatre, Manilow’s A Gift of Love V concerts will function his struggle songs and holiday favorites because that the 5th time to advantage 25 Coachella sink charities. His previous holiday concerts have actually surprised audiences with a children’s choir, Santa Claus, and also even snow!

Concerts are scheduled for December 8 and also 9 and then again December 11, 12 and also 13.

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All tickets and packages walk on sale Monday, in march 23rd at 10am PDT by clicking the web links above or by phone in ~ 424-298-4818. Tickets for the concerts will not be available at the McCallum crate office.

Regular separation, personal, instance ticket prices range from $59.99 come $499.99 each. In addition, the McCallum to add a $3.00 per ticket basic Fee. The information below describes just how much that the ticket price is credited to her organization and what “extra” services are consisted of as component of the price.

Premium TicketsLimited come 150 tickets every night.

Premium Tickets market for $500 each, through $150 of that immediately credited to her charity as soon as the purchaser designates her charity as the beneficiary. Premium Tickets are situated in the first seven rows the the theatre.

Gold TicketsLimited come 40 tickets each night.

Gold Tickets offer for $1000 each, through $400 of that instantly credited to your charity as soon as the purchaser designates her charity together the beneficiary. Gold Tickets are located in the first five rows the the theater. Yellow Ticket holders are invited to a post- show champagne reception and also photo-op v Barry in the theater’s founders Room.

Platinum TicketsLimited to 16 tickets each night

Platinum Tickets sell for $2000 each, v $1200 that that instantly credited to your charity once the purchaser designates your charity together the beneficiary. Platinum tickets are situated in the an initial row the the theatre. Platinum Ticket holders space invited to a pre-show cocktail agree (and picture) v Barry in the Backstage Christmas Court.


There room 4 Sponsorships easily accessible each night through 4 tickets had in each sponsorship package.Sponsorships offer for $12,500, through $8750 instantly credited to her charity when the purchaser designates your charity as the beneficiary. Sponsorships encompass four ticket in the an initial five rows, post-show champagne reception and photo-op through Barry in the Backstage Christmas Court, significant placement in all print advertising and also a lobby placard listing the sponsorship.

Non-package Tickets

In addition to the VIP tickets, there are likewise regular concert ticket priced from $59.99 come $99.99. At the time of purchase, the purchaser can designate your favorite charity (from the list of 25) to advantage from the purchase of their tickets. Because that each of these individual tickets, 25% that the challenge value is credited to the designated charity.

When you finish your stimulate you will be asked come designate among the 25 participating charities as the beneficiary.

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The 25 charities benefitting native the 2020 A Gift that Love V concerts are:Manilow Music ProjectAct for MSAAP – Food SamaritansAngel ViewAnimal SamaritansBarbara Sinatra center for Abused ChildrenBoys & Girls club of Coachella ValleyBoo2BullyingLifestream Blood BankCoachella Valley steed RescueDesert AIDS ProjectDesert ARCDesert SymphonyGuide dogs of the DesertHanson HouseJewish household ServiceJoslyn CenterMusesPalm Springs Police officers AssociationPAWS & HeartsSafe colleges Desert CitiesSafeHouse of the DesertSave Oswit CanyonThe life DesertWell In The Desert

Mr. Manilow contributing his performances to the A Gift the Love 5 concerts and will no be compensated.