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ns think that they do much more harm than an excellent because castle basically present the much less fortunate world that don"t have such good looks the they space doomed. The brings depression come may and in the name of psychological health, ns am a solid opponent of beauty pageants.Everyone is beautiful in their own way and us don"t need to see the so called "obvious beauty" exposed together what must be a pattern in society.
Lucy Qhuay wrote: "I think the they do an ext harm than good because they basically present the much less fortunate human being that don't have actually such good looks that they room doomed. That brings depression come may and in the name o..." ' + $('comment_body_usertext').value;new Effect.Highlight('comment_body_usertext')" class="smallText" href="#comment_form">reply | flag *
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Charlie i luv Gale Hawthorne wrote: "The present toddlers&tiaras is kid abuse"Indeed!! Madness!!
Lucy wrote: "Charlie ns luv Gale Hawthorne wrote: "The display toddlers&tiaras is child abuse"Indeed!! Madness!!"i agree also i dont watch it but i have actually been said all around it
idk, i feel favor theyre as with know exactly how they have cow competitions top top who has actually the ideal well-groomed or nicer built/structured cow...i kinda feel favor its a pointless thing and the cows have to undergo all these points that shouldnt yes, really be excellent to them, to boost their milk or do them have actually bigger utters or also inject them v steroids...and yeh, deserve to you males not watch the compare hhahha

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though here, plainly they have a the is rather of a sports ot keep your body in form (like bodybuilders) but if theyre utilizing cosmetic/plastic surgical treatment then those the point, just doing an ext harm over a stupid thing around who looks the bestbtw go anybody see on the news the beauty pageant who acquired disqualified cuz she was born a man however had a sex change years ago because from the time she was a 5 she felt and also knew she was really a mrs or had actually the mental of one anyway.she was born with a pretty feminine body anyway. Idk i think she shouldnt have obtained disqualified cuz the totality beauty pageant is based upon what friend look like and also answering questions. All of them go with plastic/cosmetic surgery or wear makeup or obtain bigger boobs or lipo suction, sleep jobs...etc transforming theyre body. Anything they dont like about themselves to make them look better for the pageant. Vul is just an additional body part realy, every she go was make herself look much better lol...sorry about the rant