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A couple of months back I had actually zero, and as of today I now have three Beretta Tomcats. The an initial is an original late "90s thin slide, all blue. The 2nd I picked up a pair of mainly ago, brand brand-new from this year"s limited production run, two-tone. The 3rd I discovered today is much less than 3 thousand serial numbers off the second, and this one has a natural finish alloy frame to kind of enhance the stainless slide. So, blue/blue, stainless/blue, stainless/alloy. A complete set!And also better, the provided one i picked up today is a 2016 the hadn"t been registered, for this reason as much as Beretta is concerned I"m the first owner!
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Frankly didn"t establish they to be still in production. Been a junkie because that the tip-barrel Berettas for plenty of years, especially the 950s in .22 short; even had a long-barrel iteration because that awhile. A buddy managed to autumn the on slide from his 90" in come the Casselman River...and we acquired it back.Always thot" the .32 Toms were a tiny snappy because that the caliber, but clever machines. Enjoy!Moon
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Thanks, Halfmoonclip. Beretta tho make limited runs the both the Tomcat and the Bobcat, and also my favorite regional gun shop had three come in, the which i was dubbed for very first dibs. Then, today, is when I discovered the used one from critical year"s manufacturing run.As for the recoil, I"ve fired the lighter slim slide version and found it really mild. I instantly fell in love with the darned things, i m sorry is why ns now have the 2 wide-slides as well. Indeed, today"s acquisition is replacing the .32 PPK in mine summer lug rotation.
Universal ExportsThe world is a delivery that has actually everything—Including a serial killer through a large knifeand a penchant for the rich and also beautiful.Visit me in ~ my Blog and on Facebook
I also thought they to be no longer in production. I had some major thoughts of gaining one because that pocket carry. My 7.65 share is every European so simply a tad hotter than domestic. The cracking worry thus made me embarrassy from obtaining one.I am thinking that if there to be a newer production model that Beretta just may have addressed the issue.I recognize what is described as the stainless model is allegedly not prone to the cracked issue.U.E. You seem knowledgeable ~ above the pistol. Please educate me a bit. .Is the stainless version actually stainless or is it just something to do with the finish?Does the blue version with the fat slide settle the issue"? just how in the civilization does someone who is no intimate through the design recognize a "fat slide " model?At what suggest in time were only fat on slide models put right into production?I to be guessing the all the recent restricted runs you cite were "fat slide".Can this be figured out via serial number?ThanksDD

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