You Pilot’s tires have seen much better days and it’s time come buy part replacements. But which tires room best?

Or much more accurately, which tires are finest for you? We’ve laid out a selection of “best of” tires below depending on how you might use her Pilot, what you desire to acquire out of her tires and (perhaps many importantly) how much you want to spend.

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Below is our list of the ideal tires for Honda Pilot.

Best Tires because that HondA Pilot

Bridgestone Dueler HL Alenza Plus


Offering the best mix of ability and performance, the Bridgesone Dueler HL Alenza to add is an extremely very difficult to beat.

Grip in both the dry and wet is exceptional. Special a broad center tread rib, it’s an especially stable in ~ speeds and responds come turn-in with authority. On the other hand the larger tread blocks on the tire’s shoulders typical that it monitor nicely v the edge as well. Protecting against performance is top-notch, together is tight in the wet.

Perfect for a bigger crossover like the Pilot that’s design to execute plenty that family-duty, it’s a quiet tire and comfortable too.

We also recommend this tires if you use your Pilot because that towing.

Add every this up and also you’d have a very an excellent tire. Yet what makes the Dueler HL Alenza Plus an excellent is that is 80,000 mile tread stay guarantee.

Best Touring tire for Honda Pilot

Michelin Premiere LTX


Perhaps girlfriend spent rather a bundle top top your top trim restricted Highlander with all the bells and whistles? Sure, it’s not a high-end SUV, but it’s gained all the functions of one, for this reason you’d choose a tire that delivers a luxury ride.

The Michelin Premiere LTX is simply such a tire. Indigenous the experts at specialists at all-things tire, Michelin, the Premiere LTX is what’s known as a Touring tire.

What that means is the it put a greater priority on journey quality, v heightened levels of comfort and quietness. You’ll pay a little bit of a premium because that a tire like this, but you’re most likely ok with that.

Longest Lasting tire for Honda Pilot

Goodyear Assurance MaxLife


If getting more miles in between purchases is your key goal v a collection of new tires climate look no more than the Goodyear Assurance MaxLife. With an 85,000 mile guarantee from the manufacturer, friend won’t it is in replacing these tires any kind of time soon.

Offering whatever else you’ll want in tire, this Goodyears will also deliver excellent acceleration, braking and cornering on dry and also wet roads. Plus they space plenty smooth and quiet too. We additionally love that they come through build-in wear gauges, although don’t intend to be check them an extremely regularly.

If there’s one drawback, thee tires are pricey. But they’re an ext than precious it.

Best Fuel effective Tire for Honda Pilot

Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max


If conserving a couple of bucks at the pump is of attention to you, then we encourage you to examine out the Goodyear Assurance CX Fuel Max tire.

Using a tradition tread compound that helps minimize drag, there is no compromising grip, Goodyear claims these tires might save you approximately 2,500 miles precious of fuel over the course of their lifetime.

As for the tires itself, it works to provide traction in wet and dry problems thanks to an interior tread block architecture with deep networks to evacuate water, while exterior have to tread blocks work to provide responsiveness and also grip when changing direction in the dry.

Best spending plan Tire because that Honda Pilot

Kumho Crugen HP71


Maybe girlfriend don’t have the accumulation to purchase a shiny brand-new set the Michelins. Or maybe, an ext accurately, you simply don’t want to. And we don’t reprimand you.

Tier-1 tires deserve to be very expensive and while we do think that in numerous ways they are worth it, there space plenty of good options that deserve to be had actually for a great price. Chief among these is the Kumho Crugen HP71.

These all-season tires execute well and also all however the most demanding driver most likely won’t see any shortcomings. V a 65,000 mile tread life guarantee, that’s almost everywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 fewer miles than you can get on some of the much more expensive tires ~ above this list. And also that’s around the just real drawback you’re likely to notice.

More than consisting of for that, you’ll invest 25% less (or more) increase front.

Best All-Terrain tires for Honda Pilot

Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail


Falken has regulated to technician a an extremely unique tire through the Wildpeak A/T Trail. While there are much more capable alternatives out there, prefer the Bridgestone all Terrain T/A KO2 or the Toyota Open nation AT III, these Wildpeaks are more to ours liking for the Pilot. The tires is interesting in the it yes, really is designed for ongoing light off-road use, as the name suggests.

Rather than offering the can be fried in off-road grip, they carry out excellent grip, durability and also handling top top dirt and also gravel roads and are draft to put in the miles in those conditions. In the sense, they’re type of choose an off-road-focused all-season tire.

Designed for modern crossovers and also still delivering terrific on-road manners, the comes through a 2-ply polyester casing and fortified sidewalls to aid protect against punctures, cuts and also chips.

And that comes through a 65,000 mile tread life warranty.

Best power Tire because that Honda Pilot

Continental CrossContact LX Sport


Let’s not get carried away by the ax “performance” here. Over there are, certainly, other tire alternatives that can provide superior all at once grip, however they’re not, in our opinion, an extremely reasonable choices.

The Continental CrossContact LX Sport, however, is a choice you can love and also live with. In fact, it’s an ext of what we might speak to a touring tire 보다 a true power tire. Touring tires, it have to be said, are basically all-season tires that placed a heightened focus on characteristics like comfort and also quietness.

This tire uses heightened characteristics in those respects but likewise offers exceptional grip, with a grippier rubber compound and a UTQG rating that 480.

A word of problem here, we haven’t experienced any kind of issues through these tires, yet reviewers on Continental’s very own website don’t speak favorably the the tire and also with 141 evaluate have given it just a 3.1 out of 5.

Best Winter tire for Honda Pilot

Michelin Latitude X-ice Xi2


Maybe your Pilot has actually all-wheel drive. Maybe it doesn’t. Regardless, winter tires room a must. Not only do they aid you gain the power down, they assist you under braking… something also Honda’s sophisticated AWD-system in the Pilot can’t.

We always have to point out the the surname of these tires is very odd. Castle aren’t designed for human being driving on part ice road highway in Alaska. Nope. They’re design for regular cars in climates wherein the road gets icy. That’s no to to speak “where the road becomes a paper of ice” but rather “where temperature dip into the 40s and also below.”

In various other words, pretty much half the country, it no more.

The X-ice Xi2 achieves this grip from a unique tread compound that resists freezing itself. In ~ the exact same time, handling on dry roads is still quite an excellent and traction in actual eye is also very great (though if you’re looking for true in-snow traction us recommend the Blizzaks).

We constantly recommend winter tires. These are pricey though, so if girlfriend don’t desire to spend a bundle, examine out some much more affordable options here.

Honda Pilot tires Sizes

Below is a list of all present Honda Pilot trim levels and also the corresponding tire sizes available from the factory for each.

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What Tires which the Honda Pilot?

How lengthy do Honda Pilot Tires Last?

The factory tires equipment to a Honda Pilot should last in the range of 40,000 to 55, 000 miles. The Bridgestone OE tires room rated to last just approximately 40,000 miles, although us anticipate them to last slightly longer. The Michelin factory tires are constructed to last approximately 55,000 miles. This assumes proper rotation and also tire inflation.