In might of 2010, Billy Currington released "Pretty great at Drinkin' Beer" as the lead solitary from his fourth studio album, Enjoy Yourself. Written by troy Jones, the track hit No. 1 ~ above the country charts and has to be certified gold; below, Jones speak The Boot about the catalyst for the hit song.

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Some songs, friend don't start out through a title. And I didn't v "Pretty an excellent at Drinkin' Beer."

I to be riding under the roadway a couple of years back and gained this tune going in mine head. For part reason, I got to thinking that ns didn't go to college -- every I have actually is a high-school education. I don't have a trade; I'm no a welder, and I'm no a mechanic. Ns was thinking, "Well, the only thing I have the right to do is pick a guitar and write songs!" So once I acquired home, ns picked up mine guitar, and those first few lines just started coming out -- that ns wasn't born because that digging deep holes or paving roads, and all the stuff. And it simply kind of rolled out from there!

I didn't have a title, so i was make the efforts lines choose "I'm pretty good at ..." all these different things. And also then I assumed ... "Hmmm ... Well, I'm pretty an excellent at drinkin' beer!" <Laughs>

I worked on the tune a while the afternoon and finished it increase on probably the third day. Really, this song simply wrote itself. For every little thing reason, the day, it simply came. When it started, it just kept coming. A the majority of songs, you'll work-related on them for weeks. However sometimes, you'll obtain a gift. And this one was a gift.

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I in reality didn't even think it was a hit when I composed it! I thought it was a pretty great song and it was funny to sing, and also I had fun to sing it in ~ writers' nights, however I never thought, "Boy, that's a hit," like I did when I composed "People are Crazy." It's funny, sometimes I'll think a track is an excellent and play it because that my publisher, and they'll go, "Oh, okay ... That's good. You got anything else?" climate I'll play something i think stinks, and also they'll go, "Oh, we love that!" and I'll go, "You do?" <Laughs>

For everything reason, stuff appears to occur when I'm on optimal of wheels -- think it or not, also when I'm on my lawnmower! I do drive a lot; I'm always going somewhere. I grew up down in harbor St. Joe, Fla., a little fishing town down there. Ns drive under there several times a year; mine mom's down there, so i go invest a couple of nights with her once in a while. I'll walk around and also around that small town I thrived up in ... And when i get earlier home, I typically write up a track or two. It really does accumulate me to write.