august 14, 2014 Behind-The-Scenes Photos: A Look earlier At Billy Joel’s ‘River that Dreams’

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This week marks the 21st anniversary of River of Dreams, Billy Joel's twelfth studio album, released in 1993. The River that Dreams artwork, painted by Christie Brinkley, alludes come the title track and also other songs from the record.

In the four-star testimonial of the album, Rolling Stone wrote, “He again asks the kind of sobering questions around committed love and parental responsibility that he an initial addressed on The Bridge (1986) and also Storm Front (1989). However he raises the stakes through River of Dreams, diving further into the philosophical abyss that middle age with the rage of a dreamer searching for an answer before time fades away.”

The album to be well-received, earning strong reviews, hitting #1 top top the Billboard 200 chart and also getting 4 Grammy nominations — including Album of The Year, track Of The Year and Record of The Year.

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At the 1994 Grammy Awards, Billy interrupted his power of the location track together a protest versus the cutting of frank Sinatra's accept speech at the ceremony.

The music video clip for “The flow Of Dreams” was shot top top the Connecticut River, the Providence & Worcester railroad bridge and various other locations in Connecticut. Examine out this behind-the-scenes photos indigenous the video shoot, followed by the finish music video: 


Billy Joel v Cinematographer Joseph Yacoe ~ above the set of “The flow Of Dreams” music video. 


Billy Joel ~ above the leg for “The river Of Dreams” music video. 


Producer Warren Hewlett, manager Andy Morahan and also Jackson ~ above the collection of “The river Of Dreams” music video. 


Alexa ray Joel and Christie Brinkley on the collection of “The river Of Dreams” music video.