I'm trying to find something choose this http://www.bleachanime.org/forums/showthread.php?t=74503 except with manga chapters rather of episode numbers. Anyone have actually a link or list?



Depends on what you think about to be an arc. Most civilization would to speak there's four arcs - the Soul culture arc (ending with Rukia's rescue), the Arrancar arc (ending with Aizen's defeat), the Fullbring arc (ending through Ginjou's defeat), and the existing arc. Yet some reduced up the larger arcs to do things much more sensible, but that's subjective due to the fact that Kubo's only ever named a few of this mini-arcs.

Here's the better arcs:

Arc #Arc NameStartEnd
1Soul culture arc1182
2Arrancar arc183423
3Fullbring arc (officially The lost Agent arc)424479
4Quincy arc (officially The 1,000 Year Blood war arc)480-

And some mini-arcs, based upon where Ichigo is at the time and also other major events:

Arc #Arc NameStartEnd
1.1Soul Society part A (Human Realm)170
1.2Soul Society part B (Soul Society)71182
2.1Arrancar component A (Human Realm)183240
2.2Arrancar component B (Hueco Mundo)241315
2.3Arrancar component C (Fake Karakura Town)316423
4.1Quincy component A (Human realm etc.)480493
4.2Quincy part B (First Invasion)494517
4.3Quincy component C (Reioukyuu (official))518546
4.4Quincy part D (Farewell Story (official))547-

There space mini-arcs within those mini-arcs (such as The Lust, Deicide, Everything but The Rain, The Headless Star), however that's the basic gist the things.