Take home these autographed actors photos the the Wasabi Warriors native Disney XD"s hit present Kickin’ It, to add an autographed manuscript from the show. Bobby Wasabi Martial arts Academy, is well-known as the worst dojo in the under-performing nationwide Bobby Wasabi chain. To boost the dojo"s image a tight knit crew enlist Jack as a brand-new member and to teach them about life, karate and friendship.

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In problem as donated. Cannot be returned or exchanged. Added shipping dues may use based ~ above the place of the winner.

The following problems of Sale and also Terms the Guarantee, as amended by any posted notices or announcements during the auction and also in enhancement to the term of usage for chrischona2015.org, are chrischona2015.org, LLC and also the Donor’s entire commitment with the purchaser and any bidders relative to the property detailed in this lot.

The conditions of Sale, terms of Guarantee, the glossary, if any, and also all other components of this lot space subject to amendment by united state by the posting of such amendments on the chrischona2015.org website (www.chrischona2015.org). The building will be readily available by us as agent for the Donor, unless the lot shows otherwise.

By submitting your bid and/or participating in any lot, you identify that you space bound by these problems of Sale and Terms that Guarantee.

We and the Donor are not responsible for errors and also omissions ~ above chrischona2015.org, glossary, or any type of supplemental material. chrischona2015.org will certainly not be responsible or responsible for damages to frames and glass coverings, regardless of the cause. Every SALES are FINAL.

Prospective bidders should examine the lot page for things before bidding to identify its condition, size, and also whether or no it has actually been repaired or restored. If that information is not easily accessible on the site, prospective bidders assume the responsibility of contacting chrischona2015.org to inquire for extr details.

Each Bidder’s decision come bid and also determination of their bid amount have to be based ~ above their own examination the the item(s) in question. In any kind of purchase or sale, the approximated value of the item(s) is reflect by the price. The bidder hereby suspect all risks of valuation concerning any and also all purchases.

We reserve the right to withdraw any lot before, during and also after the sale and also shall have actually no legal responsibility whatsoever for such a withdrawal.

A. Entering Bids

To bid, uncover a many page, enter a worth in the bid box, and click “Bid.” If you click “Bid” top top a lot, you will certainly be motivated to either log in in to her chrischona2015.org account, or produce a new one if you do not have actually one already.

Once you’ve created an account you will certainly be presented v the lot of details, conditions of sale, and also standard shipping and redemption details. When you have welcomed the problems of Sale, you might proceed v placing a bid on the lot. Every bids inserted for any lot space governed through the problems of revenue for that lot.

You may bid in ~ or over the starting bid shown as the “Current Price” in a many page’s bid box. The existing leading bid, along with a perform of a lot’s full bidding history, will be visible to other users. If the status of her bid changes, you will receive notifications via email and push (if you have actually the chrischona2015.org application installed).

B. Cancellation Rights

As soon you place and confirm her bid amount, her bid is submitted. You accept and agree that bids it is registered by you room final. chrischona2015.org is no responsible or liable for any problems, delays, or other issues resulting indigenous the usage of the Internet, including but not limited to transmission, execution, or handling of Bids.

chrischona2015.org no one the Donor is responsible for any kind of errors in bidding. A bidder should make specific to bid top top the exactly lot. The Bidder need to make certain the bid price they enter (including any kind of taxes or fees) is the price they are willing and also able come pay. When the hammer has fallen and also chrischona2015.org has actually announced the winning Bidder, the Bidder is unconditionally bound to salary for that lot, also if the Bidder has made an error.

A bid(s) gone into by failure on the part of a bidder is not grounds for cancellation of that bid. Every bidder is responsible because that his or her very own account and bids. In addition, allowing accessibility to another who start a bid there is no your understanding is not grounds for cancellation of a bid.

C. Fraudulent Bidding

All Bidders must satisfy chrischona2015.org’s qualifications to bid. Any kind of Bidder who is no a client in an excellent standing that chrischona2015.org might be disqualified in ~ chrischona2015.org’s single discretion and also will no be vested lots. Such determination may be made by chrischona2015.org in its sole discretion, at any kind of time former to, during, or also after the nearby of the Auction. chrischona2015.org make reservation the right to exclude any type of person native the auction.

Bids will not be welcomed from young persons under eighteen (18) year of age without a parent’s created consent include an acknowledgement of the problems herein and indicating their agreement to it is in bound thereby on instead of of the bidder.

If one entity areas a bid, climate the person executing the bid on instead of of the reality agrees come personally insurance payment for any type of successful bid.

Any bidder that represents a purchaser is personally and also individually responsible for any type of obligations of the purchaser collection forth in this terms and also conditions. All purchasers to buy pursuant come a precious resale license will require to carry out appropriate documentation for removal that state sales tax.

D. To win & Disputes

The successful bidder is the greatest bidder identified by chrischona2015.org. In the event of any kind of dispute between bidders, or in the event of doubt on chrischona2015.org’s part as come the validity of any type of bid, chrischona2015.org will certainly have final discretion one of two people to determine the effective bidder or come re-offer and resell the lot in question. If any type of dispute arises after the sale, chrischona2015.org’s sale record is conclusive. When chrischona2015.org renders every effort to guarantee accuracy, in the event of one error, and a many is accidentally declared sold through mistake, chrischona2015.org to make reservation the appropriate to release the sale and also relist the many in its sole discretion.

By agree the problems of Sale, Bidder personally and unconditionally assures payment.

Title to any type of lot continues to be with the Donor, any type of secured party the the Donor, or division of Donor, as the situation may be, until the lot is paid for in complete by the Bidder. chrischona2015.org make reservation the appropriate to need payment in full before delivering any type of lot come the successful bidder.

A preferably bid is a secret amount friend enter, the represents the maximum quantity you are willing to bid. It is higher than the present price and also also higher than the following allowable minimum bid amount. If you enter a preferably bid, we’ll bid on her behalf up to that maximum bid lot in solution to other bids, according to chrischona2015.org’s bidding tiers.

The value and also status of her maximum bid will be visible only to you, uneven it is the top bid.

chrischona2015.org strongly encourages the use of Max Bids to boost your chances of winning.

When an auction get the last 10 minutes before it closes, any kind of bids obtained in that last 10 minutes press out the previous near time by second 10 minutes. This recurring 10 minute extension is known as “Extended Bidding,” and also is signified by a banner above the auction timer top top the lot of page.

This dynamically extending duration is designed to protect against a practice generally known as “sniping” or “last second bidding” wherein bidders effort to enter a rapid bid in the last seconds of an auction to secure a win before competing bidders have actually a opportunity to counter.

Live bids lots room a special kind of auction many on chrischona2015.org. Live bid too many on chrischona2015.org space paired with a real world, physics auction, wherein that real civilization auction is regularly scheduled to happen at a later on date. Friend can identify Live Bid lots by the “Live Bid” label in the title of the lot, and extr description text at the begin of the too many “Overview” tab.

In a Live Bid lot of on chrischona2015.org, a many is created that is comparable to any other auction lot of on the site. These one-of-a-kind lots last for similar amounts of time and also bidding occurs usually by our users.

Things begin to differ after a chrischona2015.org Live Bid many closes. After the closes and the win bidder is chosen, that winning bidder’s bid lot or (if the exists) the max bid amount connected with that winning bid, room taken and entered right into the associated real civilization auction. Because that example, if a bidder top top chrischona2015.org wins at $12,000 with an unrealistic max bid that $15,000, then that $15,000 dollar quantity is pass on into the real world auction.

Before the winning bidders bid or max bid amount is passed on, someone from chrischona2015.org contacts that winner after ~ the chrischona2015.org lot closes and also before the real people auction opens. This is to check if the bidder would prefer to rise their bid or max bid amount prior to it’s entered into the real world auction.

What happens throughout the real world auction? each individual one may vary. chrischona2015.org go not very own or operate any type of real people auctions, nor does chrischona2015.org require any kind of partners to monitor a specific auction model. Us make no claims to the consistency the real civilization auction experiences and encourage bidders to contact us for much more details together needed.

In our experience, real world auctions tied come chrischona2015.org Live Bid too many are typically executed by our partner in a couple of common ways.

In one scenario, if one auction house and also an auctioneer is present, win live bids indigenous chrischona2015.org Live Bid lots space treated together “absentee” bids. This normally way that the chrischona2015.org win bid is placed in the auctioneers books as a bid. As the auctioneer conducts the auction, lock will bring up and enter the chrischona2015.org winning bid during the food of the auction as the existing price or following minimum bid value philosophies the chrischona2015.org winner’s bid amount. In this scenario, other people in the real people room room expected come bid versus the auctioneer, no the chrischona2015.org winning bidder. If nobody is bidding in the room, the auctioneer will frequently keep bidding increase the price till the chrischona2015.org Live Bid winner wins the real world auction.

In other models, an audience member (including, however not restricted to a charity companion employee) might act together a proxy for the win chrischona2015.org bidder. Castle will normally bid on instead of of the win chrischona2015.org Live Bid winner during the normal course of that auction, using whatever means detailed for the auction residence (i.e. Paddles, etc.)

After the auction is completed, who from chrischona2015.org contact our bidder come let them know the outcome. If the chrischona2015.org Live Bid bidder has actually won, payment occurs as usual. If that chrischona2015.org Live Bid bidder did no win, they will certainly be notified accordingly.

A to make reservation bid is a bid inserted by chrischona2015.org on behalf of the seller approximately the minimum make reservation (if applicable). Bids placed by chrischona2015.org on behalf of the seller approximately the amount of the reserve, will certainly be counted toward the full bid count shown on the lot page’s bid box.

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A buyer’s premium is the added charge top top the auction hammer price or winning bid, i m sorry is paid by the winner. Buyer’s premiums on chrischona2015.org range from 10%–15%, based upon the last hammer price of the auction lot.