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I"ve been analysis for days and also for some factor I"m just getting much more confused. This was my dad"s gun and also I"ve had it for 15 years simply sitting in a closet. It really demands a good cleaning.There is FN with Browning automatic in script on the target plate.Along the barrel is: Browning eight Co. St. Louis, MO & Montreal PQAlong the other side the the barrel is: made in BelgiumAbove the receiver (I think this is the receiver) is 9M and also right below the 9M is 47117.It likewise says one-of-a-kind Steel 12 gauge 2 3/4 shells.My dad offered this gun a an excellent deal in Alaska during the 1950"s or even the 1960"s.I yes, really hope who could assist me v this gun. I want to say 1954? Maybe??Leighann--I have actually some pics at the deal with below.

See if one of two people of these 2 pages helps:
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FWIW, "9M" suggests the A5 is a "Standard Weight" through a 1959 manufacturing date.Browning marketed both Lightweights & Standardweights at the time - but the LW guns had a various SN prefix/suffix.What space you confused about, and/or need aid with ?.
Thank friend sooo much for that manufacturer date. As soon as I had the gun take away apart, there were just little symbols, numbers, and also honestly, points I just have no proviso about.My dad permit me shooting this gun once I was 12 and needless come say, i was picking myself up turn off the ground after wards and now I"m 42 and also it in reality still scares me a little.Where i am completely unsure is whereby the serial number is. Is that the 5 digit number close to the trigger? there is one more number follow me the barrel however its really hard to read. It looks like 1KG172--this number is simply to the right and also down a little from the unique Steel 12 gauge 2 3/4 shells lettering.Would this gun be precious anything? many thanks again.Leighann

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The SN is most likely 47117, v the rest of the marks gift either investigate marks or proofmarks - marks peculiar to Europe, to present forever that a total (or part of one) has been "proven" (usually by firing really high powered "proof" loads) to have the ability to withstand numerous time the typical stress" of standard ammunition, and also the quality od the, it has actually value - commensurate with it problem as compared to new, ideal expressed as the staying % that original complete on both lumber & steel parts, and the mechanical operating condition, including any known defects.Factory option deserve to be a plus, while part aftermarket enhancements a detriment, to value.Such things typical it"s value could variety anywhere indigenous $250 come $950 - so , regardless of any type of "book value", it"s ideal to research study sold/closed gun auctions (only), choose gunbroker or auctionarms, for one more in choose condition, to discover out how much someone has actually recently been in reality willing to pay because that a offered one.THAT will give you a true, existing value.FWIW, unsold auction "prices" are NOT worths - just what someone is make the efforts to obtain for whatever..