(a) calculate the pH of a buffer that is 0.12 $mathrmM$ in lactic acid and 0.11 $mathrmM$ in salt lactate. (b) calculate the pH of a buffer developed by mix 85 mL the 0.13 M lactic acid through 95mL of 0.15$M$ salt lactate.

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this question. Want us the calculation? The pH that a buffer the has, uh, 0.12 all the lactic mountain on duh 0.1 wall hold. Oh, need to young Lapid's Okay, so we recognize what a p H u c costume ns k itwas log off the contra entrances piece over could congregate acid. So, yeah, h A in this situation is a lactic acid and b minuses. Salt lockets. Every right, so you'll be together India piquet his 31 page so and ph. Or due to the fact that 23.8 legislations log. Oh, Cyril wants 11 end syrup. I desire to so ns h and also will be close come you. 0.8 to 2. What, enough. Therefore this is the first pots. The 2nd part's come this. That's ah, it's a 5 meal off Xena 0.13 Mortar lactic mountain was, uh, do sweets 95 mil off $0.15. Send your love beets, so we have actually to find a pH after this happened. For this reason the full volume we'll it is in in concern it if I shed 95 mil, and also that's a, uh, desire Haiti meal and, uh, variety of hole off luck, due to the fact that here we'll be amounts to two. We have 0.12 the Moola and also a volume is, uh, 85 mil. So till you simply said, that's gonna it is in terrified. Dislike five. For this reason they'll give us zero points. L one. So Holmes on deaf or concentration turn off lactic mountain and, uh, 1 18 meal. Us don't be. The calls too. 0.1105 hole separated by one Haiti. If i didn't to buy one called come back in 2 liters right here I said, I'll it is in you Don't find hell. 6 waterfall eso We're gonna carry out the exact same time because that the city on lap. It's for this reason number house off us. So girlfriend unlocked it through me close to you. We have actually ah, tiny bunch. Want five? Hola. Much fly through 95 mil. Therefore in the test that's going to collection up their own life, I and that would store us state of 101425 house standard concentration off united state sodium Lapped the in one h e mail. We gain questions. 0.14 to 5 hole invite by 1 80 or 1000 and also I'll it is in 010 792 Oh, therefore if we offered the question, pH is it to be the peak. A loss. Lago di vine us over. H hey, united state use you put in the Neil values. Yeah, well, we're gonna have actually ah Ph to it is in a question. 31 J six rolls log off. 0.792 separated by you know, 106 Wonderful. Yeah.

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Ph Well, he to be to you street by 97. Oh.