In this write-up you will uncover the best corn on the cob cooking recipes you’ve ever tasted. Add to 5 methods to chef it!

If you’re trying to find corn on the cob grill recipes, corn ~ above the cob in the microwave. Or even Instant Pot corn ~ above the cob recipes, we have actually them all!

There space several various ways to do a cob that corn. In this short article I will talk about corn ~ above the cob just how to cook 5 ways.

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I’ll show you exactly how to do this delicious, low calorie corn ~ above the cob recipe on the grill, in the oven, boiled, in the microwave, and also even in the immediate Pot!

Not just is this the finest corn on the cob, you have the right to make it 5 different ways!

The best Corn top top the Cob Recipe

In this article you will uncover the ideal recipes with corn ~ above the cob. This method you deserve to make your cob corn recipe on the BBQ, in the instant Pot… and also everywhere in between.

These recipes for corn top top the cob room all low in calories and also easy come make.

No issue which recipe corn on the cob friend choose. All of these corn top top the cob recipes room a an excellent way come take benefit of sweet summer corn!

Here’s what you’ll uncover in this article:

How to make Corn top top the Cob top top the GrillHow to do Corn ~ above the Cob in the MicrowaveHow to do Corn on the Cob BoiledHow to make Corn on the Cob immediate PotHow to do Corn ~ above the Cob in the OvenThe ideal Corn ~ above the Cob recipe (printable card!)Corn top top the Cob Calories and also Nutrition

In the following sections girlfriend will uncover corn on the cob just how to chef methods like grilled corn ~ above the cob just how to make it perfect every time.

And corn on the cob how long to boil so that the ideal you’ve ever before had.

In the next sections you will find out how chef corn ~ above the cob 5 ways… immediate Pot, boiled, in the oven, ~ above the grill and in the microwave.

How to make Corn top top the Cob 5 Ways

In every of the sections below you will discover how lengthy to chef corn on the cob boil, microwave, instant Pot, oven and also on the grill.

Below that you will uncover the finest ever corn ~ above the cob recipe, and I have actually attached the 5 methods of food preparation corn top top the cob in the printable cooking recipes card.

So before we jump to the neat little recipe card… i will talk about how to chef this recipe for corn top top the cob 5 different ways.

My favorite method to do this cooking recipes is to make the corn ~ above the cob top top the grill. Despite I carry out not desire to skip end the easy and efficiency you acquire when making corn on the cob in the microwave, or boiled top top the range top.

In the following section ns will display you exactly how to grill corn top top the cob. As soon as you learn my an approach of just how grill corn cob you’ll want to BBQ corn all summer long!

In the next section i will display you just how to do corn top top the cob ~ above the grill…

1. Just how to make Corn on the Cob on the Grill

If you’re looking for just how to grill corn on the cob, this section will give you the finest temperature. The ideal time and also methods of how to grill cob corn ~ above grill.

So, exactly how do grill corn ~ above the cob? Let’s gain to the so you can start grilling corn top top the cob ideal away…

Directions ~ above to do corn ~ above the cob grill:

Preheat grill on high and also heat because that 10 minutes. Add shucked corn and cook, transforming often, until charred all over, about 10 minutes.Continue with the corn cob grill recipe listed below in the printable card.

If you space looking for much more ways come cook and not just just how grill corn top top the cob, save scrolling… There room 4 much more methods and a printable recipe card!

2. Just how to make Corn top top the Cob in the Microwave

Making corn cob in microwave is the fastest method, though part argue cooking in the microwave is unhealthy… nevertheless of opinions on an excellent or bad. Ns though it important to share just how to chef corn top top the cob in the microwave as it’s easy and also fast.

In this section I will certainly share my cob that corn in microwave directions and times. Below in the recipe card you will find every one of the 5 corn top top the cob how long to chef directions and the finest corn cob recipe.

How to Microwave Corn on the Cob:

Wrap the every ear of corn in a moist record towel, and also place on a microwave for sure plate. Chef in the microwave because that 5 minutes. Carefully remove record towel and follow the corn cob microwave directions below in the printable card.

It’s basic to microwave corn on a cob… It’s also easy to cook corn top top the cob! and also I will present you exactly how long cook corn ~ above the cob is required for the perfect recipe.

3. Just how to make Corn ~ above the Cob Boiled

In mine mind, there space two main ways to corn top top the cob recipes. Grilled corn on the cob and boiled corn ~ above the cob.

Of course there are more ways to do corn. However for the sake of grilling vs. Boil corn top top the cob the comes under to char.

The char you get when grilling corn top top the cob will include both taste and also texture. But if you’re trying to find a more “pure” corn flavor, you can’t beat cook corn on the cob!

If you’re looking for boiling corn ~ above the cob just how long and directions, this corn cob boil section will help you do the finest corn ~ above the cob boiled cooking recipes you have ever before tasted!

How to boil Corn ~ above the Cob:

Bring 1 gallon of water come a boil over tool heat.Add the shucked corn ~ above the cob. Cover and also return to a cook for 5-7 minutes.Remove the corn top top the cob from the warm water with thongs. Proceed with the boiled corn cob directions in the printable map below. 

I learned exactly how to boil corn on the cob at a an extremely young age. That a fun “watching” cooking task for youngsters, and good starter recipe because that teens.

Now that you have information on cook corn top top the cob and also how long. I can present you exactly how to make immediate Pot corn on the cob…

4. Exactly how to make Corn on the Cob instant Pot

Making prompt Pot corn on the cob will have a similar flavor to boiling corn on the cob… but it’s make in 1/2 the time!

I have a finest selling immediate Pot cookbook. Plus i’ve cooked numerous times in the immediate Pot v Rachael Ray. I’ve even displayed Bob Harper that the greatest Loser just how to use an immediate Pot! (Not kidding, the video clip is below!)

So you deserve to say I recognize a thing around cooking in the electronic pressure cooker. And this instant Pot corn on the cob is the best you will ever make!

This stove corn on the cob roasted recipe is good if you desire to butter and salt. Or season her corn on the cob with your favourite spice blend. Since you wrap every corn ~ above the cob in oven, friend can also make numerous flavors!

Cooking Corn ~ above the Cob stove Baked:

Preheat cooktop to 425 degrees.Top each hulled cob the corn with butter and salt, or desired seasoning and wrap personal in aluminum foil. Ar foil-wrapped corn cobs on a baking sheet. Bake until soft, 20-25 minutes, turning once halfway through cook time. Remove corn from foil and continue v the corn cob in cooktop directions in the sharable card below.

Making corn on the cob in range is easy and also delicious. Do this corn cob oven recipe will help infuse the corn through butter and salt. Or every little thing seasoning you select to top your corn cob recipes with.

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The finest Corn ~ above the Cob Recipe

All of the directions for the corn on the cob recipe above, have actually been functioned into the sharable recipe card.

No matter exactly how you pick to chef your corn ~ above the cob… Microwaved corn ~ above the cob or grilled corn on the cob. Boiled corn ~ above the cob or immediate Pot corn top top the cob. Also roasted corn top top the cob, every one of the directions are below. To add the finest corn top top the cob cooking recipes you have ever tasted!