It might seem like a weird question, yet if you’ve ever wondered if your dog have the right to eat black-eyed peas, the how amazing answer is yes.

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Just as these nutrient-rich peas space delicious and healthy for human beings, they’re equally so for dogs.

But wait, aren’t dogs carnivorous animals, definition that they just eat meat?

Yes, dogs room carnivores, however the fact is black-eyed peas are wonderful source that protein and fiber for her dog.

Let’s go thorough on black-eyed peas in her dog’s diet.

Benefits of Black-Eyed Peas in your Dog’s Diet

Because black-eyed peas room rich in fiber, protein, and carbohydrates, they are great supplement to her dog’s consistent diet.

Moreover, this delicious small peas sell a wide range of services for canines.

Constipation Relief

Peas are fantastic fiber source, through a grasp carrying roughly 11 grams that fiber.

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Fiber helps your dog have actually healthier bowel movements and absorb water.