You space sitting at your kitchen table, capturing up ~ above the neighborhood news and also having a bowl of cereal.

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Your four-legged friend is at her feet, spring up at you, simply waiting for you come drop the only thing they really want, the point that drives them, the point that would make their day…


You look in former of you and also see package of love husband Nut Cheerios that you’ve to be enjoying. You want to provide your friend a treat.

But friend pause and ask yourself…

Can dogs Eat honey Nut Cheerios?

Yes, dogs deserve to eat honey Nut Cheerios. There are, however, a few caveats that should be thought about when feeding lock to her furry friend.


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Can dogs Eat Cheerios as Treats?

Can dog Eat Cheerios together Treats?

Yes, dogs have the right to eat plain cheerios which room the safest option to give your pup.

While the seasonings of Cheerios might seem like an ext of a treat, feeding them the original variety is the best. Mainly because castle contain the the very least amount of sugar and also non-toxic ingredients.

But the honey Nut selection is likewise safe.

It consists of no chocolate – a good thing to avoid for evident reasons in canines.

Nor does the have any kind of traces of lactose, miscellaneous dogs have the right to be intolerant come – bring about allergy issues, diarrhea, and also vomiting.

I think we’d all agree those room things we’d like to steer clean of!For this reasons, it’s also great to always feed them their Cheerios snacks dry.Related Story: What wake up if a Dog Eats Hummus?


You may have heard that Cheerios space heart-healthy and also contain services for the cardiovascular system. This is 100% true…for humans.As for meeting a dog’s an easy nutritional needs, lock are essentially worthless.

This is why Cheerios are finest consumed together snacks or treats.

Our pups need protein come grow and be healthy and Cheerios have nearly none.Now, this isn’t to say that the high fiber content and love husband can’t assist enhance her pup’s immunity. Or also improve weight management for obese dogs.

Cheerios space very good for that, and helping dogs that are handling digestive issues.

But, they should always be given in moderation, together sweet honey can lead to dentist problems.

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When letting your dog snack on honey Nut Cheerios, always be on the lookout because that a wheat allergy, which have the right to manifest chin in plenty of ways…


Rashes or redness in the skin
Front paw licking
Inflammation that the ears
Asthma-like symptoms
Of course, if you notification any of these symptoms, take into consideration making one appointment through your vet.

So, if you and your family enjoy love husband Nut Cheerios, and your hair baby is looking choose they desire some, feel complimentary to share.Happy snacking!

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