Raise her Paw If friend Love Peas!

If you look at the ingredients on the earlier of her dog’s dried food bag or are searching for homemade dog food recipes to make her dog, friend might notification a famous ingredient is peas. We have to be mindful what ingredients we give our dogs, so girlfriend are most likely wondering, deserve to dogs eat peas?

The quick answer is yes. They commonly are great for humans and pups! we’ll walk you through why peas are typically healthy for dogs yet why they could not it is in perfect for your pet.


Peas come in many varieties. Luckily the nutritional benefits remain relatively consistent transparent them. If your dog’s bag of dry food does not specify what type of pea, that is ok. If you have actually a specific form of peas in your home that you want to throw right into your dog’s food you are safe to do so. All types of peas have high level of fiber, protein and vitamins. If your pup is top top the chunkier side, you’ll be happy to recognize that peas have few calories therefore are good for any kind of diet. Shelled peas are higher in calories yet do have actually a the majority of nutrients. Be sure that if friend are including a deserve to of peas to her dog’s diet that there is no sodium noted in the ingredient on the back of the can.

Avoid peas if your pet has actually kidney problems.

Peas space not an excellent for dog’s that have actually kidney problems. Peas save a compound referred to as purine, i beg your pardon can reason an upset stomach for dogs. If her dog has actually never had peas before, begin with including a short amount to your food. 

Peas space a superfood.

Peas help strengthen the immune system, boost energy, and because the the anti-inflammatory symptoms, they assist reduce arthritic symptoms. Peas have actually the antioxidant alpha and beta-carotene, and also nutrients like flavonoids, phosphorous, vitamin B1 and potassium. In short, peas have the right to slow aging, protect against constipation, help ward turn off cancer and also promote strong bones making osteoporosis much less likely.

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Watch the pods.

Some pea pods space not edible. If you can not chew them, you do not do it let her dog try. 

Fresh is best.

Generally, every little thing fresh is best. Peas contain organic sugars and also by eating new peas you ensure that the natural sugars turn into a starch. Sugar snap peas are probably the simplest for dogs to digest and they have the right to eat the pod! life peas are fine, however will be harder for your dog to break down and for this reason they may miss the end on some of the over benefits. Canned and frozen are great as long as over there is no extra sodium added. Too lot salt deserve to dehydrate dogs, spike your blood pressure and also give lock an upset stomach. If friend are giving your dog peas from your meal at the dinner table (we are not judging!) make certain there is no onion or garlic ~ above the peas together this can be toxic.

Train Healthy.

Peas can be a great snack and also treat alternative. Space you training your pup to sit, stay or roll over? usage peas together an incentive!

So have the right to dogs eat peas? Overall, yes, peas space a good addition to incorporate right into your pup’s diet. Just be responsibility of just how much you are providing when you an initial start to include peas in, and what type of peas. New is best, yet other varieties are great too! clock the pods and also watch your dog’s stomach and also you have to be an excellent to go! below we have actually 5 homemade dog food recipes the incorporate peas from ours 56 Homemade Dog Food Recipes post.

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5 Pea Recipes

Beef Stew


1 1/2 pounds the beef- any kind of kind

1 sweet potato

½ cup that carrots

½ cup frozen peas

2 tablespoons coconut oil


Directions: Pan fry the beef until thoroughly cooked & drainpipe the grease Pierce sweet potato with fork and microwave because that 10 minutes or until soft steam the carrots and peas until soft include all the ingredients right into a pot and add enough water to simply cover the ingredients climate simmer for about 20 minute Cool and also serve!

Fish Fry


2 pounds white fish (Cod or Swai)

2 cans pink salmon (or 1 fillet)

2 eggs

1 cup zucchini

½ cup eco-friendly beans

½ cup peas

Directions: chef fish together the packages argues Boil zucchini, green beans and peas until soft Mix the crate salmon and eggs in through the veggies drainpipe the water Mix every ingredients together

Salmon Medley


2 pounds salmon

1 cup rice

1 cup peas

½ cup cauliflower

Directions: roasted salmon (unless using canned) cook rice until soft vapor veggies Mix everything together

Turkey Scramble


4 pounds floor turkey

6 eggs

½ pound spinach

¼ cup carrots

¼ cup peas

2 tablespoons coconut oil

Olive oil for cooking the turkey

Directions: chef ground turkey until thoroughly cooked add eggs into turkey and heat until cooked steam veggies incorporate all ingredients

Chicken & Peas


4 pounds chicken

2 cup peas

1 cup carrots

1 cup white level rice

¼ cup spinach

Directions: boil chicken until cooked cook rice till soft steam peas, carrots and spinach and chop up add all ingredient together and serve

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