Can Guinea Pigs Eat Brussel Sprouts?

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Tiny, intense cabbages: Brussels sprouts deserve to be delicious once properly prepared, and also they offer a quite crunch and also a unique flavor as soon as grated right into salads.

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If Brussel sprouts space on your food selection for the week, you can be wondering even if it is it’s OK to share with your pet. If so, how much brussel sprout can a guinea pig have, and also how regularly can they it is in enjoyed?

The fast answer is “Yes!” Guinea pigs can eat brussels sprouts.

Hold on, though, since there’s a lot to learn prior to you run for the fridge and offer your cavy a crunchy brussel sprout treat.

Keep analysis to learn all about brussel sprouts for guinea pigs.

Brussel Sprouts Nutrition Stats

As veggies go, brussels sprouts are reasonably low in calories and super-high in healthy fiber.

In a one-half cup offer of brussels sprouts, you’re likely to get:

28 calories5 g carbohydrates2 g fiber2 g protein.4 g fat

Brussel Sprouts Nutritional Facts


If you choose brussels sprouts, she in luck – they’re pack with vital nutrients including around 80 percent the your daily vitamin C requirement.

That same fifty percent cup serving of brussels sprouts gives approximately:

5 mg vitamin C109 mcg vitamin K604 iu vitamin A.2 mg manganese8 mcg folate.1 mg vitamin B6.1 mg thiamine247 mg potassium.9 mg iron.1 mg riboflavin7 mg phosphorus6 mg magnesium

Can Guinea Pigs have actually Brussel Sprouts?

Yes! Guinea pigs have the right to have brussels sprouts. They’re complete of vitamins and also minerals, plus they are a great source that fiber.

Are Brussel Sprouts great For Guinea Pigs?

Here’s the thing. Because they are high in vitamin C, brussel sprouts are good for guinea pigs – yet only in moderation. Brussels sprouts are also high in oxalates, i beg your pardon can add to kidney and bladder stones if overconsumed.

They’re also fairly high in phosphorus, which have the right to sometimes reason problems if eaten in excess. Give your guinea pig the right amount that brussel sprouts to save their risk low.

Do Guinea Pigs favor Brussel Sprouts?

Just favor humans, guinea pigs tend to fall into two different camps: part love brussels sprouts, and also some can’t stand them!

How lot Brussel Sprouts deserve to A Guinea Pig Eat?


That’s a great question – and the quick answer is “not much, and also it all depends on size.”

Here’s exactly how much brussel sprouts a to feed your guinea pig:

Baby guinea pigNone
Adult guinea pig¼ big brussel sprout, ½ tiny brussel sprout, or 1 infant brussel sprout

Besides gift high in oxalic acid and also phosphorus, brussel sprouts can give your guinea pig a painful situation of gas. Through the potential because that digestive concerns in mind, you need to only sell your guinea pig half the encourage brussel sprout serving size when very first introducing this veggie.

Over the next 12 hrs or so, keep an eye the end for any signs of bloating or discomfort.

If her guinea pig likes brussel sprouts and doesn’t show any kind of adverse next effects, friend can offer them the complete serving size following time this veggie is on the menu!

How frequently Can A Guinea Pig Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Since brussel sprouts can cause gas and bloating, and also since lock high in nutrients that can contribute to rock formation if overconsumed, moderation is key. Only give your guinea pig brussel sprouts when per week.

The correct Diet is Important

In the wild, a guinea pig’s diet is composed primarily the nutritious plants and fibrous grasses that keep the digestive street healthy. Friend can help your guinea pig gain a longer, healthy life by dealing with them to the diet nature intended.

Start by supplying all the new Timothy hay her cavy deserve to eat, along with all the new water they deserve to drink.

Here’s what rather to feed a guinea pig:

Vitamin C strengthened guinea pig pellets (check the label to uncover the exactly serving size for her cavy).About one cup of new food every day, preferably divided into at least two smaller sized servings; leafy greens and also crunchy veggies have to be the focus.

Remember come rinse your guinea pig’s water bottle at the very least once every day. This is simply as essential as keeping their bedding fresh and ensuring that their habitat is clean and dry.

What Are other Healthy alternatives To Brussel Sprouts In A Guinea Pig’s Diet?


Guinea pigs are happiest when their menu consists of a selection of veggies and also fruits – and you have an nearly endless variety of options to select from once deciding what to include in their salad each day.

Here’s a list of part vegetables and also herbs most guinea pigs like:

cabbagegreen beanscucumbercauliflowerbok choyyu choywatercressasparagusartichokebasilescarolecabbagebutter lettucecilantromintparsleycarrotcarrot topsromainebeetsparsnippumpkinsweet potatotomatobroccolibroccolinibeet topsarugulaswiss chardspinachendivebuttercrunch lettucebibb lettucerocketbell pepperzucchinisummer squash

Your guinea pig will certainly look front to the treats friend offer!

Remember to perform a tiny bit of study on each brand-new food friend consider, due to the fact that guinea pigs can have only specific amounts, and since some foodstuffs that are great for you room not so good (or even toxic!) for your guinea pig.

Remember to do fresh Timothy hay and an excellent quality guinea pig pellets the cornerstone of her pet’s diet and also you’ll be setting them up for a happy, healthy future.

For now, try giving her guinea pig brussel sprouts (just a little!) and see if they prefer the odor as lot as girlfriend do.

Frequently request Questions

Are brussel sprouts safe for guinea pigs?

Absolutely! So lengthy as friend stick to the recommended serving size and also don’t overdo it, brussel sprouts space nice herbal treats for guinea pigs.

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Can brussel sprouts make my guinea pig sick?

Too many brussel sprouts can cause a painful case of gas and also bloating. Due to the fact that guinea pigs don’t self-regulate, it’s necessary to administer just enough of each food.If consumed too often over time, brussel sprouts can contribute to the development of kidney and also bladder stones. The good news is that when appreciated occasionally and also in the ideal amount, brussels sprouts room a great source of the vitamin C your guinea pig demands for overall an excellent health. You don’t need to be afraid to offer your cavy brussel sprouts, however you perform want to take it a cautious approach.