Guinea Pigs are one of the most well-known pocket pets in the unified States. Who have the right to say no come feeding a cute tiny guinea pig a sweet treat prefer a juicy tomato piece? yet be cautioned…not all foodstuffs are safe for guinea pigs! Can guinea pigs eat tomatoes?

Dr. Jess defines the price below:


What is a Guinea Pig?

A guinea pig is a kind of pocket pet that lives in the cavie family of animals.

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They are tiny animals that thrive to a preferably of roughly 10-11 inches long, and also can weigh approximately 2.5 pounds as an adult.

In captivity and also with suitable care it is reasonably common to watch these pet live to 8-10+ years of age.

One the their key anatomical (body) “quirks” is that they space constantly needing come chew in order to file down their teeth, together their teeth space constantly erupting (growing longer).

They are fairly playful animals and also love to socialize through the ones that they know and also love.

They make good pets for responsible pet owners, and those living in small dwellings wanting a loveable pet the comes in a little package.

What execute Guinea Pigs commonly Eat?

Guinea Pigs eat one assortment of things to keep them healthy and also happy.

High-qualityguinea pig foodandTimothy hayshould be the main staples of your diet.Up to about 10% of their diet can be comprised of an assortment ofvegetables and also fruits, v fruits and vegetables over 12-24 hrs old being discarded as quickly as possible.They require 30 – 50 mg ofvitamin Cdaily from your diet, one of two people in your guinea pig food, a vitamin supplement, or indigenous fruits and also vegetables that are high in vitamin C. I’ll acquire to this an ext here in a sec…Guinea pigs do ideal with dietslow in fats and also sugars.Clean, fresh, filtered, chlorine-freewater. ‘Fresh water‘ means that is is adjusted daily. ‘Changed daily‘ method that new water is put into a CLEAN water dispenser!

The prestige of Vitamin C for Guinea Pigs

Like people and certain other pets like birds and bats, guinea pigs do not have actually the capability to make vitamin C.

Instead, guinea pigs must obtain this important nutrient native the foodstuffs they eat in your diet.

Guinea pigs in the wild get their vitamin C from fresh grass sources.

Pet guinea pigs receive supplemental vitamin C from irpari greens, fruit and veggies, specialty strengthened pellets or supplemental droplets put in their water bottles.


Tomato Basics:

While many people think or take into consideration tomatoes a vegetables, it’s aactually a fruit.

More specifics tomatoes space a type that berry which grow on a vine, AKA, the tomato plant and also are a component of the same household as potatoes, chili peppers, and eggplants.

Themost usual varietiesof tomato room those the are commonly used because that cooking and are large, red, and also juicy.

However, friend can gain them in different colors (such as yellow, green, orange, and even purple!), size from grape and cherry tomato to huge beefsteak tomatoes, and also funny shapes!

Let’s look at a tiny deeper into what tomato are comprised of so that we can much better decide if they must be a part of your guinea pig’s diet.

Tomato Nutrition:

Tomatoes deserve to offer a selection of essential nutrients and also health benefits to her friendly guinea pig friend, such as:

High water content (about 95% water) which is an excellent for maintaining well hydratedA an excellent source of vitamins A, C and also B6Rich in the antioxidant lycopene, i beg your pardon may aid prevent cell damages caused by complimentary radicalsLow in fatSource of fiber (helps in digestion and also reduces part GI issues)A great source of potassium (helps prevent hypokalemia in guinea pigs, short potassium level in the bloodstream)

Do Guinea Pigs Eat Tomatoes?

Most guinea pigs will certainly eat a tomato when available one.

But just since guinea pigs do eat tomatoes does not necessarily median that this is the ideal or safest choice for your pet.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Tomatoes? space They Safe?

There room some foods items that us humans deserve to eat that room actually toxic to her guinea pig and also need to be avoided all together.

While there isn’t anything toxic to guinea pigs in the yes, really tomato fruit itself, you shouldn’t offer them as well much due to the fact that problems might arise as I will talk about further down in this article.

You see, guinea pigs are herbivores and need a diet i beg your pardon is high-in fiber and also low in sugar and fat.

They acquire their fiber gave in the form of plants, together as haywhich is a roughage that includes a lot of fiber.

This fiber is beneficial for 2 reasons:

Dietary fiber keeps the guinea pig’s digestive system running clear (it’s the same reason why some human being take a fiber supplement like Metamucil!).The physical roughage (hay) helps save the guinea pig’s teeth healthy and also worn down as their teeth space continually growing and need to be filed in bespeak to avoid overgrowth.

So, lengthy story short- correctly!

Adult guinea pigs have the right to have tomatoes, IF provided to castle safely, and also I’ll cover that in simply a bit.

You do not desire to feeding the wrong tomatoes or the wrong amount or frequency, possibly making your furry friend unintentionally sick.

Can baby Guinea Pigs Eat Tomatoes?

Compared to their adult counterparts, baby guinea pigs have actually much more perceptible gastrointestinal systems.

Avoid feeding infant guinea pigs any kinds that fruits and also vegetables until they with 12 weeks of age to permit their stomachs to mature through them.

Then, once ready to present them come juicy fruits, take it it very slowly, wait at the very least 24 hours to observe any type of potential adverse side effects, prior to moving on and trying an ext of the same fruity snack or a various tasty treat.

Remember – baby and young, and also juvenile guinea pigs have much more sensitive cradle systems!

Wait 24 hours to see their reaction.

If everything is fine, you can move come the following treat.

Is The remainder Of The Tomato Plant for sure To Eat?

The environment-friendly parts of the tomato plant – the leaves, stems, flowers, and also green fruit contain a alkaloid chemical well-known as solanine i m sorry can create a substance referred to as tomatidine when digested in the guinea pig’s GI tract.

This toxin has the potential come cause wellness issues in her guinea pig if ingested. Do NOT feed any kind of other component except for the ripe fruit portion of the tomato to her pet!


Medical & Health comes to of Feeding tomato to Guinea Pigs:

Pesticides: tomato should always be washed to make certain they are totally free of any pesticides or chemicals that could be harmful to guinea pigs.Parasites: Tomatoes should be checked over for helminth that can lead come potential parasite troubles with your guinea pig.Overly Ripened: prevent rotten fruits that can reason diarrhea and gastrointestinal upset.Processed Tomato Products: box or cooked tomatoes are full of sugar, deserve to contain chemicals, and are greater in acidity if cooked, so stop feeding any type of tomato product besides ripe and also clean tomatoes to her guinea pig. High street Content:Tomatoes do contain sugar. Too lot sugar is poor for guinea pigs and also can result in digestive troubles such as upset stomachs and diarrhea. Weight Problems: Too many sugary treats deserve to lead to worries such as obesity, dental problems, and also diabetes in guinea pigs.Solanine/Tomatidine Toxicity: As debated earlier in this article, the green parts the the tomato tree is toxic to guinea pigs.The ingestion of the plant, leaves, flowers, stems and/or vines can manifest together diarrhea, bloat, and stomach pains in her guinea pig.Baby Guinea Pigs: infant guinea pigs have a more sensitive digestive mechanism than adults do, and therefore girlfriend shouldn’t give your hoppy pet any kind of fruits or vegetables until they reach around 12 main of age.

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Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cherry Tomatoes?


The good news is the cherry tomatoes, yellow tomatoes and also other tomato arrays are safe for guinea pigs to eat!

Just remember to feed them to her guinea pig in moderation and also none that the green parts that the plant.

I will comment on how to feed these types of tomatoes to your guinea pig in the next section below.

How To feed Tomatoes to A Guinea Pig:

First action to emphasis in on is the serving size that girlfriend are providing your small fur baby.

Depending on your guinea pig’s size, the typical tomato portion should be about the size that one cherry tomato and should only be fed around 1-2 times per week, definitely not top top a everyday schedule.

Remember that tomatoes have to be restricted to a special treat only because of potential digestive and other assorted health and wellness problems.