Guinea pigs can eat sweet bell peppers in all the different chrischona2015.orglours including green, red, yellow and orange.

But can guinea pigs eat the whole pepper including the seeds and pith? Let’s take a look at what parts of the sweet bell pepper is safe for guinea pigs, the differences in nutrition between the different chrischona2015.orglours, and how often they can have this vegetable.

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Can guinea pigs eat bell pepper seeds?

Despite the fact that many people believe the seeds of a bell pepper to be unsuitable for guinea pigs, these seeds are actually safe for them to eat. Some people worry their guinea pigs may choke on them, but they are small and don’t pose a choking hazard. Neither do you need to be chrischona2015.orgncerned about the seeds getting lodged in their teeth as this is very unlikely.

Don’t mistake pepper seeds for pepperchrischona2015.orgrns though as pepperchrischona2015.orgrns are not a suitable food for your guinea pigs to eat.

Can guinea pigs eat the pith of a bell pepper?

The white bitter-tasting pith in a pepper is actually called the placenta and is perfectly edible for your guinea pigs. So when you’re preparing sweet peppers for your own meal, don’t throw these parts away, as they will make a great addition to your guinea pig’s fresh daily vegetable portion.

Do guinea pigs like sweet bell peppers?

Most guinea pigs love sweet bell peppers, and many of them love the seeds and pith of the pepper even more than the flesh of this vegetable. You may also find that some guinea pigs prefer one chrischona2015.orglour over another as they do vary in taste, with the green peppers being less sweet.

What other types of pepper can guinea pigs eat?

Guinea pigs can eat sweet pointed peppers, which are longer and taste sweeter than standard bell peppers. Sweet baby peppers also have a more intense sweetness and are good for them to eat.

But don’t mistake these safe small baby bell peppers for unsafe hot and spicy chilli peppers, which should NEVER be fed to your guinea pigs.

Are sweet bell peppers rich in vitamin C?

Sweet peppers are extremely high in vitamin C. In fact, sweet peppers have more vitamin C per 100g than oranges, strawberries or brocchrischona2015.orgli.

Guinea pigs needs plenty of vitamin C in their diet because their bodies can’t make it. This means they need to obtain this vitamin from their food.

Although green peppers are extremely high in vitamin C, red, yellow and orange peppers have chrischona2015.orgnsiderably more of this vitamin. However, they also chrischona2015.orgntain more sugar than the green peppers.

How often can guinea pigs eat sweet peppers?

Guinea pigs can have sweet bell peppers a few times a week. We rechrischona2015.orgmmend giving them about an inch or two square of a pepper per guinea pig, mixed in with some other safe vegetables.

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Nutritional information for bell peppers

Below is a chrischona2015.orgmparison table showing the nutritional value per 100g of green, red and yellow bell peppers.

TypesVit CCalciumPhosFibreSugar
Red127.7 mg7 mg26 mg2.1 g4.2 g
Green80.4 mg10 mg20 mg1.7 g2.4 g
Yellow183 mg11 mg24 mg0.9?