Green beans is a very delicious food for united state humans, especially in the summer but the concern is have the right to guinea pigs eat green beans?

Yes, guinea pigs deserve to eat green beans, they are high in vitamin C, vital vitamin for guinea pigs. However, you need to be cautious as the calcium and phosphorus can cause multiple worries in her guinea pig.

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So come answer the question have the right to guinea pigs eat environment-friendly beans, the an easy answer is yes. There room no significant risks of offering your guinea pig green beans, but there are some points to consider. Let’s take it an detailed view the the benefits and dangers that feeding your guinea pig eco-friendly beans.

Dangers that Feeding her Guinea Pig eco-friendly Beans

As with any type of other things, friend should constantly be careful when feeding her guinea pig a new feed. A general dominance is that most things, we humans consume, deserve to be fed to her guinea pig. However, the quantities is wherein you need to be cautious.


Definitely NO. You can never offer your guinea pig cooked eco-friendly beans. In fact, this go for every vegetables and fruits. Never cook the guinea pig foods before serving them, together your pet will not have the ability to digest lock properly.

It can likewise cause assorted intestinal issues. Together the foods become too densely packed v nutrition when cooked. Sounds an excellent for us humans, but your guinea pig can’t handle such density. Therefore be certain sure to keep this in mind.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Frozen green Beans?

You understand that guinea pigs can’t have cooked foods, and frozen foodstuffs are not cooked. So deserve to guinea pigs have frozen green beans?

No guinea pigs cannot have frozen eco-friendly beans. This is due to the fact that bacterial-infection can happen while unfreezing. The not since the food is frozen yet rather the complying with process.

It’s usually advised that you just serve her guinea pig new foods. Not processed, frozen or cooked, as this is bound to lug along some risks.

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Yes, guinea pigs deserve to eat eco-friendly beans, and also in fact, it constitutes a an excellent supplement come the guinea pig diet. The contains vital nutrients, such together vitamin C and other minerals. However, don’t overfeed as environment-friendly beans save calcium and phosphorus, which have the right to inhibit magnesium absorption and cause bladder stones. Friend can conveniently feed your guinea pig raw eco-friendly beans, yet do it v a variation.

Do girlfriend have any other questions? You must recognize what come feed and what not to feed your guinea pig. I’m right here to answer any type of questions you could have, for this reason we can make your guinea pig as healthy as possible.