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Since guinea pigs’ areas are active during the night as much as lock are throughout the day, execute they require light at night, or deserve to guinea pigs check out in the dark?

There to be a many questions irking mine mind so ns did some study as a curious guinea pig owner, and also here’s what i discovered.

Guinea pig vision in the dark is poor; however, these little animals can still move approximately their habitat without any type of problems in ~ all.

It’s feasible because they have actually a sharp memory, and they deserve to remember passageways, routes, etc., incredibly well.

Most investigators also allude out that their impressive sense of smell, as well as outstanding listening ability, help them navigate through the night.


Do Guinea Pigs need Light in ~ Night?Do Guinea Pigs like Dark?Guinea pigs’ sensesWhy Guinea Pigs deserve to Navigate in the Dark?Do Guinea Pigs have actually a Sleep Pattern?Do Guinea Pigs require Light at Night?

Do Guinea Pigs need Light in ~ Night?

No, guinea pigs don’t need night light during although castle can’t check out in the dark.

Their senses and sharp memory enable them to move about without any problems.

Having an ext light on throughout the dark can distract your body clock with the reality that it’s still a daytime, which have the right to be harmful to your health.

However, many human being leave a tiny light top top in their room, yet it is absolutely not necessary.

You may pick to do as you feeling right about it.

The activity of Guinea pigs during the night

If you’ve ever before been woken up in the night due to the fact that your guinea pigs were playing or chatting in your cage, you’ll no doubt be mindful that cavies can be energetic at any hour the the job or night.

This triggers some owners to doubt even if it is they have to let their guinea pigs irradiate up overnight.

It additionally leads come a far more puzzling question: can guinea pigs view in the dark?

Guinea pig sleeping patterns and aspects we know about their daytime perception and other senses suggest that lock must have some sort of night vision.

Still, over there is no genuine scientific evidence of this.

Let’s take a closer look in ~ what we know about the feeling of vision of guinea pigs, and also the factors that suggest they deserve to see at some level in the dark.

Is a Guinea Pig’s Vision Equally an excellent at Night and Day?

Guinea pigs don’t have a particularly great vision, but they do have some important an abilities to assist them acquire around.

One that the major characteristics of your pet’s feeling of vision is that these cavies have an approximated 340-degree field of vision, i m sorry is unarguably impressive.

The placement of a guinea pig’s eyes enables them come see movement from every angles, i m sorry was very useful because that them when they lived in the wild due to the fact that they were food animals.

The vast angle of your vision enabled them to notice predators and hide.

Guinea pigs can additionally see in color, and they have the right to actually see an ext images per 2nd compared to humans.

However, guinea pig’s eyesight is not good and numerous would say that guinea pigs have poor eyesight.

The main reason because that such a claim is that guinea pigs have negative depth perception yet they can focus on their great sense the hearing and also smell and particular an abilities to acquire around.

How perform Guinea Pigs Navigate in ~ Night?

If guinea pigs have actually a wide-screen see of the world and a poor perception that depth, exactly how do castle move approximately without bumping into things and also tripping all the time?

Well, they’ve got a pair of tip up your sleeve.

One of the key anatomical functions is the cute small whiskers on her guinea pig’s face.

Known together vibrates, these hair are much more than simply adorable.

In fact, they’re believed to aid your guinea pig measure ranges and also get their bearings in a selection of irradiate conditions.

Cavies have a reasonably sophisticated sense of smell and also listening to the is no too distinctive to our own, therefore this have the right to also aid notify them of unavoidable danger.

Do Guinea Pigs have a an excellent Spatial Memory?

Finally, guinea pigs are also considered good at spatial memory, which way they have actually the capability to mental where things are and which paths to take.

In other words, they’ve got a great sense of position.

Their capabilities of memory may vary, but what we notice is the guinea pigs have actually outstanding spatial memory.

They may not remember your birthday or celebration, but the routes and also the paths stick in your minds choose the resin.

Do Guinea Pigs prefer Dark?

Guinea pigs favor staying in the dark throughout the night.

See, you need to know that guinea pigs are prey animals, and also they’re continually trying to look because that predatory animals and hide.

So, having a pitch dark atmosphere helps castle calm down their stress and also calm for some time as they feeling a little an ext secure in the dark.

Guinea pigs have actually a fairly wider understanding, however a bad perception that depth.

That’s one of the purposes for their bad vision.

If you’ve ever tried to lift lock without having a solid surface under your feet, you can have noticed the they’re walk to acquire stressed out of fear.

That’s due to the fact that there’s no awareness that depth in them.

They cannot evaluate the distance and also the elevation as precisely as we can.

They have actually an incredible memory, however, which enables them to resolve this obstacle.

In the wild guinea pigs, lock run with passageways and also grasses to reach their places to hide and also their meals.

Even though the predator is make the efforts to chase them, they can move approximately rather quickly, together they have the right to recognize the paths and also destinations really well.

The exact same trick helps them navigate with their cage, also in the dark.

Therefore, bad depth late doesn’t beat a function as these little animals can find their means around their habitat.

They additionally have a an excellent hearing and scent ability to help move around the space.

Guinea pigs’ senses

Humans depend on sight an ext than any other sense.

In the dark, us are quite worthless.

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Guinea pigs’ feeling of smell

We still have our other senses, however we execute not have tendency to depend on them in the same method that we carry out depend on our eyes.