One that the many frustrating points for our patient is not being able come eat your favorite foodstuffs while wearing dental braces. When you have timeless metal braces, you always have come be cautious of the wires and brackets on her teeth.

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Continue reading to discover what girlfriend can’t eat with timeless metal braces. Our orthodontists will additionally tell girlfriend why you may want to consider Invisalign® (nearly invisible aligners) instead.

What can You Eat the very first Week the Braces?

When you very first get her dental braces, you might not desire to eat food that needs a lot of chewing. This is normal. When you first get braces, you’ll feel push on your teeth that’ll walk away ~ a few days. The an excellent news is that once you gain used to wearing this braces, the pains won’t it is in as poor when you return to our office because that adjustments.

During this period, that may help to eat soft foods. We recommend soups, yogurts, shakes, macaroni and also cheese, mashed potatoes, and also other comparable foods. As soon as the pain subsides, continue staying away from foods that are sticky and/or difficult to chew.

patients are frequently concerned about being able to enjoy: Pizza French Fries Chips Bread Steak Chicken Salad Chewing Gum chocolate or various other Candies

Can ns Eat ________ with Braces?


Eat thin-crust pizza. Thick crust deserve to be an overwhelming to chew if wearing dentist braces. If you have no control over what pizza is ordered, eat the pizza, yet leave the thick crust behind.

French Fries

As lengthy as castle aren’t burned to a blackened crisp, french fries should be safe for your classic metal braces.


Most chips are fine, however use your best judgement. Ripple potato chips often tend to be harder to chew.


Stay far from croutons, french bread, difficult rolls, and other breads that are challenging to chew. Soft breads are fine.

Steak and also Chicken

Since meat can be stringy, it’s easy to get small pieces stuck between teeth. We recommend cutting meat right into bite-sized pieces. If possible, choose meats that are lean and also tender.


Salads are just fine v dental braces. Simply skip the croutons!

Chewing Gum

In general, the is ideal to protect against most varieties of gum when you have actually braces. However, if girlfriend absolutely need to have some, gain it in moderation and only select thin, sugarless gum. Sugary gum has tendency to be stickier and also can get caught in her wires or brackets.

chocolate or various other Candies

Chocolate and specific other candy is for sure to eat v braces. Yet, you might want come limit just how much chocolate and also sticky sweets friend eat during orthodontic treatment. Cavities and gum condition are brought about by plaque, one invisible film of bacteria that loves sugar. As soon as sugar is left behind, plaque offers it to create cavity-causing acid.

Hopefully, by now, you’ve well-known a pattern. You must avoid foods items that room sticky and/or hard to chew during orthodontic treatment. The last thing you desire is to pull turn off a clip by accident since you believed you’d take your possibilities with a item of taffy.

Ask our Orthodontists around Invisalign

Since Invisalign braces are removable, you’ll have the ability to continue eating whatever you want during orthodontic treatment. Just make sure you brush your this after friend eat so friend don’t stain her clear aligners.

Keep in mental that not all our patients space candidates because that Invisalign. To it is in a candidate you should be a teenager or adult who has the willpower and commitment come wear aligners.

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Otherwise, the temptation will certainly be too good to remove your new pair of Invisalign braces once they hurt throughout the first few days. Teens and also adults space usually encouraged enough to occupational past the short-lived discomfort to attain the smiles they’ve always wanted.

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Our orthodontists in grand Rapids and also Grandville, MI, are prepared to help you smile with confidence. Even if it is you choose traditional metal braces or Invisalign, you can trust our merged years that experience. To request an appointment, contact Armbrecht & Wierenga Orthodontics in ~ (616) 455-4800. We look forward to hearing indigenous you!