No pet owner wishes to watch your furry, little friends endure agonizing pains occasioned through itchy and flaky skin.

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Indeed, itchy skin is a perfect precursor because that canine irritability. As well as affecting your otherwise soft and moisturized coats, skin irritations may expose a dog to even more severe bacter or fungal epidemic if no treated through the urgency the deserves.

Whenever our dogs experience from any kind of skin condition that manifests in clearly shows discomforts, we’re often fast to apply the nearest remedy, even if that a product that’s explicitly prescribed for person use. One such product is the Head and Shoulders shampoo.

But as a pet owner, you might be wondering to yourself, can I usage Head and also Shoulders on mine itchy dog?

Simply put, Head and Shoulders shampoo is for sure to usage for dogs just in moderation. But because you’re an typical pet owner and not an skilled in skin care products, you might not accurately identify what constitutes middle amounts.

Read ~ above for more insights on when the Heads and also Shoulder shampoo is for sure for your dog, and also when you need to avoid that altogether.

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Main Reason against Using Head and also Shoulders Shampoo because that Dogs

One the the main reasons why specialists discourage Head and Shoulders for dogs is since most skincare assets that space prescribed because that humans current adverse results when provided on pets.

You probably currently know just how potentially dangerous details human foods items can it is in when readily available to pets. You may also have to be cautioned against using clinical products, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and also acetaminophen on her pooch.


Experts also warn versus smearing infant diaper cream on a dog’s rash. Now, the situation holds true because that dandruff and other skin care products.

Hundreds the cosmetic, medical, and also food commodities that are taken into consideration safe for human beings can produce toxic effects on dogs and also other pets.

So, while your instincts may get the much better of you come an degree that you use a person medical product top top an noble canine, the paramount that you very first investigate the separation, personal, instance ingredients the product is make of before going all out on it. However, is Head and also Shoulders for sure for dogs?

We currently mentioned it is and provided that its security is topic to a few caveats. The following sections shall to mark why this cosmetics product may be for sure for her pooch after all, and how come go about applying it.

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Why usage Head and Shoulders on your Dog?

First and foremost, let’s clear the popularly-held misperception the dogs don’t obtain dandruff. As with humans, canines additionally suffer dandruff and also scores of various other dermal conditions.

Dandruff on your dog’s skin will manifest in white flakes top top the dog’s coat. It may additionally be symptomized by overabundance oiliness and also an uncomfortable odor on the dog’s coat.

Besides the physics signs, you’re additionally likely to observe details behavioral symptoms, such together scratching, nibbling, and also licking the impacted areas.

The itching may get so intense that the dog scratches on anything it comes by, which might lead come deep skin lacerations and also severe bleeding.


There are numerous potential reasons of canine dandruff. Examples include humidity levels, bacter or fungal infections, parasites, details diseases such as obesity, and also even skin lesions.

If friend briefly study the label of a Head and also Shoulders shampoo, you’ll note that the product consists of an energetic ingredient recognized as zinc pyrithione. Zinc is generally thought to be poisonous because that dogs, especially when it appears as the dominant ingredient in cosmetic and also medical products.

However, the existence of zinc in zinc pyrithione no reason enough to create off Head and Shoulders because that dogs.

In fact, zinc pyrithione, additionally known as ZPT, is a renowned an effective skincare product that’s regularly prescribed because that dogs with dandruff. This potent water-soluble compound eliminates dandruff by loosening the flakes and treating the underlying problem as well.

Essentially, zinc pyrithione inhibits the department or proliferation of bacterial and also fungal cells. The best part is the it functions in canines an ext effectively than it go in humans, as it likewise fights canine helminth such as fleas.

And the truth that Head and Shoulders shampoo features only one percent the zinc pyrithione takes far the nagging involves of feasible zinc poisoning.

But amidst all the praise, you might still be wondering to yourself, is Head and also Shoulders ideal for puppies, or is Head and Shoulders for sure for dogs that room young?

Since the skin of puppies is much more sensitive than that of adult dogs, you shouldn’t usage this shampoo on them. 

Common Doggy worries That Head and also Shoulders deserve to Treat

First, ZPT is highly effective in treating seborrhea. Seborrhea is a canine skin problem that’s comparable to dandruff in humans.

The condition typically manifests in itchy and also flaky skin, yet may also produce red, greasy, stinky, and also inflamed job on the canine’s coat.

When you apply Head and Shoulders top top the influenced areas, the shampoo eliminates seborrhea and also treats the underlying condition.

As we’ve currently mentioned, Head and also Shoulders is a encourage canine cosmetics product for flea removal. A subtle application that the shampoo, adhered to by a 5-minutes wait is all it take away for all the fleas on her dog’s skin to be paralyzed.

It’s necessary to remember the the shampoo doesn’t actually kill the fleas. Instead, it renders them paralyzed. That provides it simpler to to wash away the parasites under the drain.

Any flea exoskeleton that’s left behind is additionally rendered weak and vulnerable, which makes the continuing to be parasites dice off quickly.

So, if you’ve constantly asked yourself, “will Head and also Shoulders kill fleas top top dogs?”, we hope this ar helps work out that question.


Besides the elimination of seborrhea and also fleas, ZPT also contains significant antibacterial and antifungal properties. Therefore, it efficiently treats plenty of forms the yeast infection and helps promote a healthy and balanced canine skin.

Remember the if a yeast epidemic isn’t addressed with the urgency the deserves, the problem could conveniently spread onto various other parts the the body, such together its ears, paws, etc.

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Can girlfriend Wash your Dog through Head and also Shoulders?

Now, having looked at the immense benefits that Heads and also Shoulders, you’re more than likely wondering, can girlfriend bathe a dog v Head and Shoulders?

Fortunately, girlfriend can. However, the would call for that you understand just how to use Head and Shoulders on her dog.

So, just how do girlfriend go about it? Let’s find out.

Step 1: Brush the dog

Using a slicker brush, tenderness brush your dog to loosen any type of mats that may be trapped in the fur.

After loosening these mats, continue to brush them the end of the dog’s hair using a bristle brush. The bristle brush will likewise make the dog’s coat smooth and ready for lathering v the shampoo.

If the dog behaves appropriately during this entire exercise, prize it through a treat.

Treating her dog is instrumental in reinforcing an excellent behavior, and also the dog will certainly instinctively play along whenever you need to bring out comparable procedures in the future.


Step 2: Prepare the bathing area

The following step is to make the shower area safe enough for the dog.

First, you’ll need to provide the dog a secure footing while friend bathe it, by putting a rubber mat within the bathtub.

Next, ar your dog inside a bath tub and affix an authorized pet sprayer to the faucet, then gain the dog wet. Friend could likewise use a hand-held shower attachment together an different to the pet sprayer.

Remember to warm up the water so the it feel comfortable for the dog, and ensure you totally saturate that coat.

While spraying the dog down with warmth water, take care not come spray over the dog’s neck as numerous dogs don’t choose to get their heads wet.

Besides, you don’t desire the shampoo to gain into her canine’s eyes as that can create major irritations.


Step 3: wash the dog

After completely wetting the dog, lather it up using around one quarter-sized glob of the Head and also Shoulders shampoo.

Using your fingers, job-related the shampoo into a good froth roughly the dog’s skin come ensure it totally saturates the fur, the same method you would do with her skin. Needless come mention, avoid the neck area.

If her dog is a double-coated or long-haired breed, you may need come massage the shampoo even more intensely to ensure the makes contact with the dog’s skin.

Allow the Head and Shoulders shampoo come sit on her dog’s skin for between five and also fifteen minutes.

To ensure the dog isn’t distracted, you may think about keeping it entertained. In the meantime, you could additionally use a piece of damp towel to wipe its confront clean from any dirt and grime. Don’t dip the towel in any kind of shampoo; lukewarm water will do just fine.


Step 4: Rinsing

After waiting for about 15 minutes, you have the right to now rinse off the shampoo from your dog’s coat. Because that that, use warmth water in the sprayer or a handheld showerhead.

Make certain you wipe off every the shampoo using your fingers until the water runs clear.

To for sure there’s no shampoo left top top the dog’s skin, run your fingers gently across the dog’s coat. Leave shampoo on the dog’s coat may cause further irritation.

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Step – 5: Dry off the dog’s coat

The last step is come dry turn off the dog’s coat using a soft, dry towel. Because that optimal drying effects, you may take into consideration an waiting dryer or hairdryer.

However, you’ll need to create that her dog isn’t startled by the noise the these devices emit.

If you’re handling a skittish dog, you can skip the driers and also simply leaving the dog come air dry on its own.

It’s additionally wise to host a hairdryer at a safe distance to avoid resulting in burns on the dog’s coat. Wind it increase by making use of a bristle brush come smooth the hair on her dog’s skin, so regarding prevent any kind of tangling.


When done, save the shampoo away to avoid the dog from licking it.

But how frequently can I usage head and shoulders on mine pet?

Generally, you have the right to repeat this procedure between twice and also three times a week, depending on the severity of seborrhea.

So, have the right to You use Head and Shoulders on Dogs?

Yes, girlfriend can. However, moderation is key.

Remember that your pooch has only a maximum of 5 layers of cell on your skin, hence their coats are more sensitive than human skin.

Plus, the pH balance of a dog’s skin is relatively higher than that of humans, which renders it unrealistic to use a human being shampoo v a significantly lower pH balance.


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