In the work of quarantine, it’s likely you’ve arrived on the grocery store store, only to find that the baking section has actually been totally depleted the all-purpose flour. I m sorry is for sure a bummer, considering you had scheduled a grocery run for the sole function of stocking increase on baking supplies to do a batch of her favorite chocolate chip cookies.

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But that’s no a trouble anymore, thanks to this nifty tiny hack. Nathan Price, a cook in the just Area, has uncovered the perfect substitute for flour—and one you’ll surely uncover in the grocery store store: pancake mix.

“Going come the grocery store store and also finding zero flour is clearly a problem, and you require convenience as soon as you’re make the efforts to make cookies,” he says. “Instinctively i was like, over there are other things that have flour at the grocery store.”

This thought procedure led him come the pancake mix ar of the store, which was rife v a vast assortment the brands. There are plenty the varieties—from keto versions come ones through egg substitutes—but Nathan recommends buying the very an easy kind (he offered Birch Benders), one simply filled through flour and also a leavening agent that would lend itself really well to those basic baking projects.

Once you’ve got your pancake mix and also a cacao chip cookie cooking recipes (this is the one Nathan used, to much success), every you’ll have to do is measure up a ratio of 1:1, for this reason every cup the flour referred to as for in the recipe have the right to be substituted for a cup that pancake mix.

It’s worth stating that if this is a an excellent hack, the cookies perform come the end a tiny differently than if you’d just used flour. “The one point I noticed to be an ext airy and fluffy,” Nathan says. “You recognize if you make a pancake and the first side produces all those bubbles? That usually happens in the oven, yet cooks approximately the whole thing.” Pulling the cookie out the the oven, girlfriend might notice a crispier exterior v a soft inside, i beg your pardon is honestly no a bad thing.

Have other baked item you want to make? Nathan supposes that pancake mix would probably work just also in a brownie batter or lb cake. Check it out and let us know!

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