Can rabbit Eat eco-friendly Beans?

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Green bean are quickly one that the most famous vegetables on the planet!

Versatile and also delicious, they make their way into a variety of dishes. If friend are farming green bean or if you’ve to be to the farmer market, you’re most likely wondering whether you can share this yummy veggies with your pet.

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Are eco-friendly beans okay for rabbits?

In case you’re in a rush, here’s the quick answer: “Yes! Rabbits deserve to eat eco-friendly beans – but you’ll have to be very careful around introducing this veggie to your bunny.”

That’s only the beginning: In fact, there’s a lot much more to the story. Rod around, since we’re about to give you the full scoop v our complete guide to eco-friendly beans because that rabbits.

Green bean Nutrition Stats

Green beans space nutritious but they’re surprisingly low in calories!

In a one-cup serving of fresh environment-friendly beans, you’ll get approximately:

34 calories8 g carbohydrates7 g fiber2 g protein.1 g fat

Green bean Nutritional Facts


Mom wasn’t kidding when she said environment-friendly beans are an excellent for you! They are loaded v vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

That very same one-cup serving provides about:

759 iu vitamin A230 mg potassium9 mg vitamin C.1 mg vitamin B6.2 mg manganese5 mg magnesium.1 mg thiamine.3 mg pantothenic acid.1 mg copper8 mg phosphorus8 mcg vitamin K7 mcg folate7 mg calcium1 mg iron

Can rabbit Have eco-friendly Beans?

Yes, rabbits have the right to have environment-friendly beans however you’ll need to take precautions together too numerous beans can cause gas, bloating, indigestion, and also a severe – periodically deadly – condition called GI stasis.

Are eco-friendly Beans good For Rabbits?

When it comes to green beans because that rabbits, there’s a little bit of a catch-22. Top top one hand, environment-friendly beans are very nutritious.

On the other hand, her bunny can become seriously ill if castle eat too many green bean at once. Environment-friendly beans need to not comprise a large portion of your rabbit’s diet.

Do rabbit Like green Beans?

Yes – many rabbits really like eco-friendly beans. They it seems to be ~ to appreciate the crunchy texture and also unique flavor.

How many Green Beans deserve to A hare Eat?


If her rabbit is among those who like environment-friendly beans, they might be disappointed come hear this answer. “Not many!” Here’s exactly how much green bean to feed your rabbit:

Even though rabbits can eat eco-friendly beans, there space limits! you can’t just throw a entirety handful the beans right into your rabbit’s hutch and let castle nibble away.

While there room some foods items your rabbit deserve to eat in big quantities, it’s really important to limit gas-producing foods items like environment-friendly beans. Because a rabbit digestive system is an extremely sensitive, sudden alters can reason serious trouble.

The an initial time you introduce your rabbit to green beans, offer just one of the small beans from within the pod, in addition to a 1 inch section of the pod.

Let her rabbit reap their treat and then observe them very closely for the next 24 hours.

Keep an eye out for indicators of cradle distress consisting of bloating, diarrhea, or discomfort. In addition, make sure your bunny continues to poop together usual. If they protect against eating or pooping, they can have GI stasis. This isn’t likely to occur when you’ve offer just a solitary bean yet it’s necessary to understand what to watch for.

If every little thing goes smoothly, girlfriend can progressively increase your rabbit’s green bean serving size until over there eating a complete portion. Since this is a food with the potential to cause serious cradle distress, be certain to monitor her bunny closely as they space making the transition.

Be certain to call your vet if her rabbit seems sick ~ eating eco-friendly beans (or anything else you’ve provided them). They’ll be able to administer you with details instructions.

How regularly Can A rabbit Eat environment-friendly beans?

Your rabbit deserve to eat environment-friendly beans once or twice a week, but not top top the exact same day together other foods items that have the potential to cause gas. Don’t market them alongside broccoli, cauliflower, or Brussels sprouts, because that example.

The exactly Diet Is Important

Wild rabbits invest their job nibbling top top grass and small leafy plants. It’s vital to treat pets rabbits come a diet that’s as close as possible to the one your wild cousins enjoy.

A constant supply of fresh hay is essential due to the fact that it keeps her rabbits digestive mechanism moving.

Besides hay, this is what to feed a rabbit every day:

Clean, fresh water – Rabbits need a constant supply of water, for this reason it’s really essential to remember to rinse and also refill your drinking bottle at least once every day.Fresh foods – her rabbit should have actually a everyday “bunny salad” that quantities to around one cup of irpari greens to add a tablespoon of crunchy veggies per 2 pounds of body weight. Friend can give it to them as whole or separation it right into smaller snacks.Fruit as a treat – tiny amounts that fruit space fine for rabbits. Together a basic guide, sell no an ext than around 1 tespoon of fruit per 2 pounds that body weight per day.

Rabbits teeth never stop growing. Safe, chewable item such together hay cubes, slices the unbleached loofah, untreated softwood sticks, and also rabbit playthings are critical to her bunny’s health.

What Are other Healthy alternatives To green beans In A Rabbit’s Diet?


Since her rabbit can only eat green beans on a restricted basis, they’ll it is in glad to discover that there space plenty of various other tasty veggies come try.

Next time you’re trying to find a healthy bunny snack consider:

parsleycilantrocarrot topsswiss chardbeet greensradish topsspinacharugularomaine lettucebutter lettucesnow pea podscucumbersummer squashpumpkinwinter squashbrussel sproutscelerycabbagebroccolibroccolinidandelion greensendiveescarolefennelbok choyyu choykalecarrotsbell peppersbasilstrawberriesblueberriesblackberriesraspberriesapplespears

The veggies top top this list are just a short sampling. Many of the very same vegetables that you gain our good for her rabbit, too.

As you just discovered, certain veggies can be harmful if overeaten. Others space toxic come rabbits.

Be certain to spend a couple of minutes looking into each new addition to her rabbit’s diet. This is the easiest means to make sure that your providing safe foodstuffs in the best quantities.

For now, think about giving your rabbit environment-friendly beans – just a small amount! They’re most likely to wiggle your whiskers in appreciation.

Frequently request Questions

Are environment-friendly beans for sure for rabbits?

Yes – environment-friendly beans are safe because that rabbits yet only in tiny amounts. Mental to provide your bunny"s bean a great rinse in fresh water before offering it to them.

Can green beans do my hare sick?

Yes, green beans deserve to make your rabbit an extremely sick if too countless beans room consumed in ~ once. It is in absolutely certain to offer your hare a slow arrival to green beans and also monitor them very closely to ensure the their digestive mechanism is managing the green beans there is no trouble.

Can my rabbit eat canned green beans?

No! Never give canned green beans come a rabbit. These are high in salt and your hare cannot digest cooking foods. Canned environment-friendly beans deserve to make your rabbit very sick.

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Can my hare eat frozen eco-friendly beans?

No, only offer fresh green beans to your rabbit.