It’s ideal to bathe her guinea pigs ~ above a day when it"s not also wet outside, so that they have the right to dry quickly afterwards. Guinea pigs don’t enjoy being wet, and in cold climates shower guinea pigs and also not dry them off appropriately can offer them chills, and make castle feel an extremely miserable at the very least.

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Guinea pigs count on their feeling of smell, so when one is gotten rid of for a bath and also then reverted with a various scent, fights have the right to break out. This s because, there is no the acquainted scents, the general practitioners don’t automatically recognise every other. To prevent this, obtain the shower over with in one big batch, washing and also returning every the guinea pigs top top the same day. In this means they will all odor of shampoo, and this in reality defuses the tension fairly than making things worse.

Be sure to dry her pets turn off properly after that

What execute You must Bathe A Guinea Pig?

The following items room all you require to gain your general practitioners spruced up:

Shampoo (baby shampoo or guinea pig shampoo)A guinea pig brushA Sink or big bowl with two or three centimetres of warm waterA towelA hair dryer with a cool setting

Guinea Pig Baths

Make sure that her guinea pig is calm prior to dunking the in the bath. Placing their feet in the warmth water an initial can assist them get used come the idea. Maintaining something tasty surrounding will odor them too.

Once her guinea pig is calm, ar their reduced body in the shallow, warmth water. Make certain their nose and mouth are clear that the water. Gently pour a small water over them, using one hand come shield your faces. As soon as they room thoroughly wet (apart from their head which you have the right to wet v your fingertips) background them native of the water and place them on a soft towel (in a lap, ideally). Lather a little shampoo over the guinea pig’s body. For your heads, usage a finger and also avoid gaining shampoo in their eyes.

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If you’re offering the guinea pig an anti-parasite bath, follow the accuse on the packet. If she trying to remove mites then carefully shampoo the guinea pig’s ears, too, together mites will certainly live on and also in them. This requirements to be done very carefully to avoid acquiring shampoo or water close to your pets’ eardrums.

After the shampooing, to wash the fur two or 3 times in warm fresh water, making certain there’s no shampoo left. Then wrap them in a towel because that a couple of minutes to gain most the the water off of them. Save their top poking the end so they deserve to breathe, and don"t wrap them also tightly.

Once most of the water has been wet up, host your guinea pig on her lap and also use a gentle, cool hairdryer setting to dry them. Don"t aim the jet of wait at your ears, and keep moving the dryer so that doesn"t warmth one particular spot also much. As soon as your pet is dry, save it in a warm place because that a couple of hours.