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My friend has a 98 camry that has actually been sitting and the gas is 3 to 4 yrs old. The automobile does start up yet runs a small rough. There is fifty percent a tank that gas. Is that ok to mix new gas through old gas? Or would you remove the old gas first?

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If the starts and also runs, add a party of Mechanic In A Bottle, end up filling through fresh fuel and also drive the car. In my area, house Depot has actually the best price on the additive, in the lawn and garden area.
From experience on one old Mustang carry out not use the old gas also with additive. It"s not worth tearing the heads turn off to fix. In truth you must buy a new gas tank and also start fresh.
Intriguing comment suggesting that old gasoline can/has brought about cylinder head problems. Functioned on a 1933 Chevrolet in 1952 and been tinkering with cars/trucks/tractors ever before since. Need more details around the difficulties with the heads.
I desire to know this as well. Number of months back I to be going to begin up a automobile with gas that was 4 years old in the tank, so ns stuck mine eBay borescope in the filler next to see what I might see, however I didn"t view much prior to the gas fumes melted the plastic lens and stuff.And prior to that, I started up a 20-year-old soil Rover through the gas from that era in the tank, ran just fine ~ the present bled.So I"ve constantly wondered what"s wrong v old gas. I figure it has something to do with additives breaking down, right? since the really gas itself, the octane and related compounds indigenous dino oil, castle stuck around underground for numerous years right, so why no in ours tanks?
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The old gas ended up being gum inside tank. The brand-new gas dissolved the gum and also it coated the entry valve tribe on a newly rebuilt engine. Heads required to be rebuilt - again - and brand-new tank installed. Might not number out the cause until the heads to be pulled and also inspected.For the expense of a gas tank it"s no worth the risk.
How long does it take because that the gas to gum up? before the car sat my friend did add a couple of bottles the stabil.
I have actually no idea. 3-4 years is a substantial time period. You can drain the tank and also send it out for flushing, however after all that it would be far better to replace. You"d need to flush the lines and readjust the filter together well.The Mustang had a carburetor, I"d hate to think what that would carry out to injectors.
My first suggestion/response come this thread was based on the fact that the automobile runs through the fuel the is in the tank. That is quiet volatile enough to vaporize enough for the vehicle to run. The is no pure gum/sludge by any kind of means.

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If you desire to usage the old gas. An initial put a quart of xylene in the gas tank to dissolve old gel forming. And also replace fuel filter I would certainly suggest.
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