From lining pans for simple cleanup to extending casserole dishes during baking, aluminum foil has plenty of uses. However if you just uncovered that you shouldn’t use parchment paper in a toaster cooktop you’re probably wondering…can you put foil in a toaster oven? space there choices to making use of foil in a toaster oven?

Here’s what we recognize for sure: never ever cover her crumb tray or the wall surfaces of your toaster cooktop with foil. It have the right to lead come overheating and also is a fire hazard.

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To uncover out if you can use foil in your certain toaster oven you’ll want to consult her owner’s hands-on or call the manufacturer.

Why’s that? due to the fact that each manufacturer has various instructions because that the use of foil in your toaster oven.


We’re at this time working to alleviate the usage of foil in our household and also have discovered a couple of good alternatives:

For baked items like toaster cooktop cookies we lightly oil our pans or line it with a toaster stove silicone baking mat.

To cook things that calls because that covering, we usage a toaster oven-sized baking dish v a lid (that’s no glass) or a little dutch oven. Inspect out this write-up for spanned casserole baking food suggestions. Also, you’ll desire to make sure any kind of covered dish you usage is not airtight as that have the right to lead to other issues.

For a quick-fix, we’ve even tried extending a baking dish through a pizza pan or level toaster range cookie sheet like we did through this potato au gratin recipe.

If we come throughout any brand-new foil alternatives or beneficial manufacturer FAQ’s about the use of foil in a toaster stove we’ll be certain to update this page.

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For much more information about using silver paper in your toaster range please consult your owner’s hands-on or contact the manufacturer because that assistance.