During the study that I’ve done when writing evaluate of toaster ovens I have noticed that owner of miscellaneous toaster ovens regularly recommend using aluminum silver paper in a range of ways. While there are methods to safely usage foil when cooking in a toaster oven, there room precautions the you must take unless you want to court disaster.

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My mommy taught me that aluminum foil has actually the potential to be dangerous when used in ovens and toaster oven, however I didn’t know specifically what the dangers were. Therefore, ns contacted every toaster oven manufacturer I could find and asked them. Their answers were really educational and I learned fairly a bit from what lock told me.

First, ns am going to share through you what they stated so you recognize the potential threats of food preparation with foil. Next, ns will explain how you can safely cook with foil. Lastly, I will certainly offer options to using aluminum foil.



Aluminum Foil have the right to Spark – Foil is a metal, and if it come in contact with a warm heating element, it have the right to spark. The spark can damage the toaster cooktop and/or reason a fire.

Aluminum foil is Flammable – Okay, maybe this is usual knowledge, but I recognize that ns didn’t recognize that aluminum foil can record on fire. You must never allow aluminum silver paper in such to come in direct contact with a heating aspect because act so can get the hot sufficient to capture on fire.

Aluminum silver paper Conducts Heat very Well – Did you know that aluminum silver paper is the 3rd best metal for conducting heat, behind copper and also silver? steels that conduct warm well obtain hot. An extremely hot. That is why for this reason many food preparation items, such as pots, pans, and also baking sheets, are made the aluminum.When it comes to using aluminum foil inside a toaster oven, there is the opportunity that the foil itself will boost the inner temperature since of how well the conducts heat. The risk posed through this is the very real opportunity of increasing the temperature greater than what a toaster stove is supposed to withstand. Temperatures that space too high will certainly overheat a toaster oven, which can shorten the oven’s life or render the inoperable.

Aluminum foil Melts – Now the you recognize that foil is flammable, it must come together no surprised to discover that it likewise melts. Although rare, foil deserve to melt ~ above heating elements if it touches them. It is very challenging to safely remove melted aluminum from an element, and the aluminum will cause the element to duty improperly since it will certainly no longer have the ability to disperse warmth as that was expected to.You additionally should not enable foil to touch the inner walls of a toaster oven. The foil deserve to melt onto the surface ar of the wall, i beg your pardon is both complicated to clean and will protect against the internal from heating up properly, and also maybe also permanently damages the toaster oven.

What I discovered in mine Mom’s Toaster Oven

I newly flew the end to my mom’s because that a quick visit through her. If in her kitchen I can not withstand taking a look within her toaster oven. That was fairly dirty inside, however that wasn’t what made me gasp. My mom had wrapped her crumb tray in aluminum foil, which was placed straight under the heater elements. Not just that, the foil to be coated in grease native food that had actually dripped ~ above it.

First i took a picture of the dangerous situation so I could share that here. Next, i took the crumb tray the end of the toaster oven and went to explain to my mom that she was lucky she hadn’t started a fire in her toaster oven!

Not only was the foil on the crumb tray dangerously close to the bottom heating elements, yet the grease was likewise a fire hazard because it might have ignited from gift so close come the heating elements.

The bits that white the you view on the foil space grease spots


Okay, you may now be saturated freaked out sufficient to never ever again use aluminum foil for cooking. The an excellent news is that you have the right to safely usage foil in many toaster ovens, as long as you follow certain precautions. The precautions noted below room meant to protect against an electrical shock, melted foil, or a fire, as well as from accidentally eat aluminum v your food.

Read The hand-operated –
Before you think about using aluminum silver paper in a toaster oven, read the manual to make certain you can, and also how you can. If the hand-operated does not answer any questions you have about how to usage foil in your toaster oven, contact the manufacturer for clarification.

Do not Touch Heating aspects – Never let aluminum silver paper touch a heating element. If you want to cover your food v foil, make sure there is 1” between the foil and the height element(s).

Do no Touch the political parties – When utilizing foil make sure that it will certainly not touch the inner sides of the toaster oven.

Do no Cover the Drip Tray v Aluminum Foil as soon as Broiling Meat – The drip tray is used when broiling meat to collection the fat the drips turn off the food. If the drip tray is lined v aluminum climate it can gain hot enough to cause a grease fire.

Do not Cover a Crumb Tray unless it is safe to do So – Almost every instruction hands-on that I have actually read states to never use foil on the crumb tray to prevent overheating. Go you recognize that part manufacturers may void your warranty if you heat the crumb tray with foil?FYI – You may not know this, but this is also true of traditional ovens. You have to never heat the bottom of an oven with aluminum foil to protect against overheating.

Wrap silver paper Tightly around Cooking equipment – If you heat the cable rack, crumb tray (if it’s okay to carry out so), or baking pan through foil, make sure the foil is tucked tightly around it so the it won’t touch the political parties or heating elements.

Do not Wrap foil Tightly approximately Food – Never totally enclose food with foil. Wrapping food with foil will certainly insulate it from the heated external air, which will result in longer cooking times and also uneven heating of the food.

Do not Let Food and also Grease develop Up top top Aluminum foil – This mainly applies to people who line your crumb trays v foil, but also for people who like to heat baking trays with foil (like my husband). Frequently change the foil to stop the construct up that foods and grease. Grease fires top top aluminum foil carry out happen.

Use hefty Duty Aluminum foil – Not just do you should put believed into how you usage foil, but also into what type of foil you use. Food frequently sticks to foil, and aluminum is a toxin the you must never ingest. The best type of foil to usage to line a baking pan, dish, or tray is heavy duty foil due to the fact that it is much less likely come stick come food.

Use food preparation Spray or Olive Oil – Another means to assist prevent food from difficult to foil is to spray it through a nonstick cooking oil or wipe it with olive oil.Did you know that baking cookie on a tray spanned in aluminum foil will result in crisper, browner cookies? If girlfriend spray the foil v a nonstick food preparation spray climate the cookie will finish up nice and brown, and you can conveniently remove them native the tray.


If you would rather not use aluminum of any type of kind in her toaster oven then you will certainly be glad to know that over there are alternatives you deserve to use.

Click this image to check out culinary parchment ~ above Amazon
Parchment Paper
 * – Bakers and chefs have long know about the benefit of using parchment file when baking and cooking. Parchment paper is a hefty paper, marketed in rolls choose foil, the is resistant come grease and moisture. The is most frequently used to heat baking trays and cookie sheets, and also keeps foodstuffs from difficult to it.Instead that lining a tray or pan through foil, you may be able to use parchment paper. Parchment document does have borders on the temperature used for cooking and also baking, and also the maximum cooking temperature will be printed on the box it come in. I usage parchment record in Breville BOV800XL toaster oven, and also the box says it can withstand temperatures as much as 420° F.This might be obvious, but it is much less complicated to burn document than foil. Take treatment to make certain the parchment record doesn’t touch the heater elements.

Final Thoughts

Some civilization assume that the only reason why manufacturers provide warnings about using aluminum silver paper in toaster ovens is simply precautionary, to safeguard them from legal litigation. After reading around the potential dangers of using aluminum foil in toaster ovens you deserve to see that, when this may be partially true, there really are great reasons for the warnings.

Incorrect usage of foil deserve to lead to electrical shocks, it have the right to melt on internal walls or heating elements, or it can cause fires. However, safely utilizing aluminum silver paper can an outcome in simple cleanups and also moist, tender food. And, because that those that you who would rather avoid the dangers entirely, i shared choices to aluminum silver paper or aluminum cookware.

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Remember, the best thing you have the right to do is to check out the instruction manual any kind of time you acquire a new toaster ovens. Manufacturers want you come enjoy food preparation in your toaster ovens and also will practically always include information around when and how you have to or should not usage aluminum foil.