Sterling silver is a highly preferable material because that jewelry and it has only get an impression in popularity end time. That is durable, elegant, and beautiful – however it isn’t without flaws.

One point that people worry about is even if it is or no sterling silver is it s okay to wear in the shower. Together you may currently know, some metals are at risk to tarnishing as soon as exposed come water. This can cause your jewel to come to be dull and also dirty.

Today, we’re going to talk around sterling silver and also whether or not the impact is the same when exposed come water, particularly in the shower.

Can sterling silver tarnish from shower water?

To placed it just – yes, sterling silver have the right to tarnish if exposed to specific elements. This metal is more high-maintenance than others; you’ll need to be especially careful when going about your day v this jewel on.

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Why does it tarnish?

Sterling silver- tarnishes because it is one alloy, an interpretation that the product is comprised of several metals. Pure silver does no tarnish easily, yet the copper in a sterling silver- alloy renders it much more susceptible to this reaction.

What tarnishes sterling silver?

There room a few things that will cause sterling silver- jewelry come tarnish, including:

Water (including humid conditions) Impure air chemistry in household cleaners

When to avoid wearing sterling silver jewelry

Tarnish is not the end of the world. The won’t immediately destroy her jewelry past repair, however the effects will build up over time. That is finest that you prevent wearing her sterling silver jewelry in the following situations:

Taking a shower

To price the concern you have actually been wait for, no, you should not undertake sterling silver in the shower. By law this, you disclose the metal to a lot of moisture and humidity in ~ once.

Moisture is the biggest opponent of sterling silver, and also the results will be apparent after law so. In the shower, you likewise expose her jewelry to the chemistry in your body wash and hair products, which can be harmful to the metal even though that doesn’t damage your skin.

Cleaning your home

When cleaning, you reveal your hands to all sorts the abrasive chemicals and moisture. Your cleaning assets are challenging on dirt, i m sorry is great, but they are also tough on your sterling silver- jewelry.

Going come the pool/hot tub/beach

The exact same principle that applies to wearing sterling silver- in the shower additionally applies to wearing it in the pool, the beach, or the warm tub. You are exposing the steel to too lot moisture and also in some cases, harsh chemicals.

For much more information on caring for sterling silver jeweler examine out this write-up that us wrote.

Caring for your Sterling silver ring (tips and tricks)

How to avoid tarnishing/damaging sterling silver

If you want to avoid tarnishing her sterling silver jewelry as much as possible, you deserve to take a few simple procedures to keep it feather shiny and undamaged.

Take the off prior to encountering chemicals or moisture

If you recognize that you will be taking care of chemicals like cleaners or getting in a pool full of chlorine, take it off your jewelry. Remember, her sterling silver- can additionally tarnish as soon as exposed come humidity. If you room enjoying a expedition to the sauna, you require to pack your jewelry far first.

Even if you take off your sterling silver- jewelry before getting in the shower, store in mind the leaving it out on the counter exposes it come humidity as well.

Store it properly

Your sterling silver jewelry will certainly require more care when storing it than jewelry do of products like stainless stole would. Leaving that on her nightstand or counter isn’t sufficient to prevent damage or tarnishing.

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When save on computer sterling silver, be certain to:

store it in a cool, dark place. Sunlight and also heat will damages your jewelry. Placing it near a window, because that instance, would be less than ideal. location each piece into its very own bag away from other jewelry to protect against scratching. You deserve to prevent tarnishing by removing all air from the bags as well. Plastic bags will do. Put your jewel in that bag and close the halfway, climate push every one of the remaining air from it prior to zipping it completely closed. save the jewel on a soft surface. Despite the sterling silver- jewelry will now be separated right into Ziploc bags, you deserve to take special care of it by storing every one of the bags in a soft location like a jewelry box with velvet inlay. The metal have the right to still acquire scratched by difficult surfaces through the plastic if you aren’t careful. Wear the regularly

Though you must avoid wearing sterling silver- in specific situations, you have to wear that as lot as you have the right to safely perform so. The organic oils from your body will defend it to part degree. Wipe the jewelry down after wearing that to save it clean.

For even an ext information inspect out our article.

Can girlfriend Wear Sterling silver- Rings every the Time?

What to do if your sterling silver- tarnishes

If you carry out tarnish your jewelry, don’t worry. It have the right to be removed through polishing. There room several ways to go around polishing her sterling silver, all of them reasonably simple. Stop talk about that.

Have it professionally cleaned

Don’t feel like polishing your sterling silver- jewelry? that’s understandable, and you don’t have to. Oftentimes, you have actually the option to take her jewelry come a expert cleaner. All you need to do is fall off your piece, pay because that the service and come ago when the done. If you are lucky, you may not need to wait because that a day or two.

Use soap and water

This might be confusing since you have actually been advised repeatedly not to reveal your sterling silver- to moisture, but this an approach of polishing works fine as lengthy as you follow instructions carefully.

to fill a cup or little bowl with heat water and include a small amount (2-3 drops) of soft dishwashing soap. place your sterling silver jewelry into the cup of water and also immediately start gently hand washing it. (Do not let the soak; this does an ext harm than good.) use a cotton swab and also a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub off any kind of remaining dirt or tarnish. eliminate the now polished jewel from the cup or bowl and also wipe that down with a soft fabric (tip: microfiber works well because that this.) Let your jewelry dry completely before wearing or storing that again. Polish v lemon juice and also olive oil

Lemon juice has actually been a well-known cleaning agent for decades. The acidic sufficient to remove grime however gentle sufficient to clean most daily objects with. Olive oil is supplied for this polishing method because that dilutes the acidity of the lemon and also provides extra shine.

Here’s exactly how to carry out it:

Mix ½ cup the lemon juice through 1-2 teaspoons the olive oil in a tiny bowl. dive the corner of a microfiber towel into the lemon and olive oil solution. Wring the end excess solution and also polish the sterling silver, cleaning off tarnish. wash the jewel under warmth water as soon as finished, and dry the with an additional non-abrasive cloth. Leave it to dry completely before attract or storing again.

Polishing tips for sterling silver- jewelry

Before girlfriend jump into polishing your sterling silver jewelry, girlfriend must an initial learn how to perform so safely.

Use back and forth motions

You might be inclined come polish your jewelry by rubbing in little circles through your towel or other cleaning material. Don’t execute this. You can scratch the silver. Instead, rub earlier and soon to protect against damage.

Only usage non-abrasive items

When sprucing up your sterling silver, you need to only use non-abrasive items and also solutions. The complying with are approved sprucing up materials:

Microfiber fabric Soft-bristled toothbrush cotton swab mild dishwashing soap Lemon Olive oil White vinegar Baking soda

Stick to making use of these or take your jewelry to a professional. Plenty of guides recommend utilizing toothpaste come clean with, yet it’s far better to prevent doing for this reason if girlfriend can. You require a specific formula and only a tiny amount. The other methods are less facility and will save you part money.

Dilute acids

If you room using acidic solutions like lemon juice or white vinegar, be sure to dilute them. Too much acid deserve to corrode your sterling silver jewelry.

Never save or wear her jewelry prematurely

One that the most essential things come remember is the you need to let your jewelry dry fully after polishing and before storing/wearing. If you acquire impatient, you’re only doing her sterling silver an ext harm. An extensive exposure to moisture will certainly tarnish your jewelry again, defeating the purpose of sprucing up it in the an initial place.

Always wipe it down

Though part amount of air drying is necessary, you have to still wipe her jewelry down after polishing. Again, usage a non-abrasive fabric to do so. It have to be at least partially dry before you lay it out to finish.

In conclusion, that is ultimately not okay to stay sterling silver- in the shower. When it will certainly not ruin your jewel completely, it does tarnish and only causes much more trouble and also work for you later. If you desire your jewel to sparkle and also shine, monitor this advice and treat it through care.

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