A common question once crocheters take trip is, “Can I lug crochet hooks on a plane?” The answer is yes, back there’s much more to it.

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Available in: us A (2mm), B (2.5mm), C (3mm), D (3.25mm), E (3mm), 3.75mm, F (4mm), G (4.5mm), H (5mm), ns (5.5mm) and J(6mm).


Good because that stitches inquiry loading. The pillar is long enough for them


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London Kaye Hook Set


An unusual style where the take care of is twisted yet it has produced for comfort. These are great for large bulky yarns and also projects together a hats, scarves and afghans, pet beds and also mats.

The collection includes:

Small – 9 MM (Green)Medium – 11.5 MM (Pink)Large – 20 MM (Blue)


The lightweight plastic feel comfortable to holdEasy come crochet with bulky yarnsDoesn’t tire out your wrist once using over expanded periods that time


Some users found a stormy nub ~ above the small hookYarn does not glide as easily
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Lion Brand Plastic Hooks


Helpful take trip Tips for Crocheters

Travel rules and also permissible items space subject to adjust – when this list is specific for now, brand-new rules can go up anytime. Constantly check the demands of the country and airlines before you fly.

Here’s a handy tip: consider taking a padded mail envelope and also sheet of stamps through you once you travel. So on the odd opportunity your hooks space going to it is in confiscated, you have the right to mail her package residence to yourself!

There room a couple of tips you can use to ensure girlfriend have simple trip v your crochet.

Think about how lot time you’ll be able to crochet during your trip. Taking your recent crocheted afghan is more than likely not the finest choice.

Prepare for little projects favor hats and take the yarn needed which should only it is in a pair of balls. It help to have actually a zip increase bag because that all your supplies.

Know your pattern and also have a backup of it. You could not have wifi. If her pattern is online, download the pdf or print out a physics copy to take v you.

It’s likewise best to have actually a couple of rows the your job started by the time you reach the airport.

The transportation security management agents are much less likely to throw the end your crochet hook if they see you’re working on something and also aren’t simply harboring sharp objects.

It’s best to only carry something you don’t mind losing. Don’t bring your favorite set of hooks. It’s no worth it.

Final Thoughts

Do your research before you go on your trip. Going with Airport security have the right to be stressful, make it basic on you yourself so there’ll be no issues.

At the end of the day, girlfriend can’t manage what protection will let you paris with. Yet with these take trip tips and tricks, you have a pretty an excellent chance of enjoying a flight full the crafting and also relaxing.

It’s best to monitor the rules and also have no dramas. Sitting at the airports for hours on end and also the flight time can be draining.

If you’re able to take her crochet hooks on the plane, that will certainly assist pass the time. If not allowed, take it a good book or your e-reader or listen to one audiobook.

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I’d love come hear her experiences once traveling v your crochet hooks. Leave a comment below or contact me here.