If you arrangement to maintain a beard, goatee, sideburns or other facial hair through a hair trimmer of part kind, you’ll need to use the finest hair clipper oil you can get to your trimmer frequently to keep it performing well. Yet what’s the ideal brand? and also do you have to buy oil it is the exact same brand as your trimmer?

Every trimmer and also clipper model I’ve tried needs oiling to store the knives in shape. A little container that oil usually comes with the trimmer, but it won’t critical long. What girlfriend don’t use up frequently leaks out of the tiny tube or bottle since the oil is really thin — together it have to be.

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Here’s the good news: you don’t need to buy oil the the very same brand as your clippers. In fact, every hair clipper oil that I’ve examined appears to be specifically the same. That a thin machine oil that deserve to withstand high temperatures.

So which Hair Clipper Oil need to You Use?

Lots of hair clipper oil — sufficient for year — for just a few dollars.

It’s simple. Wahl is just one of the premier brand of male grooming products and hair clippers because that men, so it provides sense to select this respected brand. It’s easy to discover online and is really affordable. On mine bathroom respond to right now is a party of Wahl Premium Hair Clipper tongue Lubricating Oil
 — easily accessible at Amazon. You can use it for your pet clippers, beard trimmers, hair clippers and whatever other electric shears you have.

Given exactly how much is in the bottle, it’s basically a lifetime supply for many people. One bottle deserve to last you because that years even if you’re a fanatic about beard grooming.

Hair clipper oil helps store the chisels of your clippers sharp, but much more importantly, the does two other things: First, that reduces friction and also therefore heat, keeping the knives from warming too much or also seizing up. And this reduction in friction enables the chisels to move faster. When they relocate faster, they reduced better.

To see just how much difference the best hair clipper oil deserve to make, run your clippers for a couple of moments, then include a couple of drops of this oil if they’re running. You will do it hear the ton of the motor acquire higher. That means the chisels are relocating past each other quicker, and you’ll gain a much better cut no issue what type of clippers she using.

I’ve seen articles arguing that you can use that WD-40 and comparable products rather of blade oil, but I nothing recommend that. Those products are water displacers and rust inhibitors, not oils. Don’t usage motor oil or other hefty oils one of two people — together I’ve viewed some online writers suggest. You require a slim oil that can withstand high temperatures. I have tried vegetable or olive oil in a pinch, yet it’s as well thick for long-term use and also the chisels tend to warm up. It might be okay to use till you gain your bottle of hair clipper oil, however.

You should likewise avoid over-oiling your clippers. A single drop used while the clippers space running is typically plenty. And also you don’t need to oil your trimmer every time the used. If you put too much oil, the clippers will rattle simply as castle do when they aren’t oiled fine enough.

Final Thoughts

There is one just one caveat here: If your trimmer is quiet under warranty, it might void her warranty come use one more brand that oil in part cases, yet that’s yes, really not likely to it is in a problem. First, warranties on numerous clippers are short, for this reason the vouch will more than likely expire prior to that small bottle the came through the device runs out. And second, if you do a warranty claim there is no method for the firm to recognize which brand that oil you used because they’re all so similar.

It ultimately may not matter what brand that hair clipper oil girlfriend use since most brands space alike in price and also composition. Yet the most basic thing to perform is simply buy the Wahl brand ns recommend above. Some equipments don’t also sell oil separately and apparently desire you come buy new clippers fairly than simply some additional oil.

I’ve noticed that many drugstores and discount chains in my area nothing stock hair clipper oil. It is why ns recommend notified online.

Click below to see the ultra-affordable price that this hair clipper oil in ~ Amazon. You’ll be surprised how low the price is — especially because this is a respected, premium brand.

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