What is the setting of Julius Caesar?
Rome 44 B.C.

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Caesar return to Rome after fighting whom?Pompey and his sons
The Romans believed that _____________ can reveal the future.omens
Who to be the critical king of Rome?Tarquinius
Who is Caesar's wife?Calpurnia
Who is Brutus's wife?Portia
Who says, "Et tu Brute?"Caesar
What two males flee Rome ~ Caesar's death due to the fact that they fear for their lives?Cassius and Brutus
What two men sign up with with mark Antony ~ Caesar's fatality to dominance Rome together a triumvirate?Octavius and also Lepidus
In act One, what warning go the soothsayer have?"Beware the ides the March"
Who uses Caesar the crown?Mark Antony
How numerous times does Caesar refuse the crown?3
Who writes the letter that will certainly hopefully sway Brutus to join them in killing Caesar?Cassius
Even despite Brutus loves Caesar, what does that worry about more?Rome's future and the an excellent of the people
Where is Caesar stabbed come death?at the senate house
What day does Caesar die?March 15
After Caesar dies, what promise go Brutus make v Portia?He agrees to disclose his mystery thoughts to her.
Who comes to take Caesar to the senate residence after Calpurnia's dream?Decius
Who found out around the conspiracy and wrote a letter to Caesar warning him against them?Artemidorus
What go Brutus encourage the conspirators come do prior to they walk v the city?The conspirators gather roughly Caesar's corpse and bathe their hands in his blood.
How does Portia die?She swallows a hot coal and chokes come death.
Who is Julius Caesar's adopted son and also heir?Octavius Caesar
Where does Caesar’s ghost say he will check out Brutus following time?Phillipi
How walk Brutus die?He runs into a sword that his servant, Strato, is holding.
Whom go Antony speak to “the noblest roman inn of castle all?”Brutus
What supernatural event makes Brutus specific that it is time because that him come die?He look at Caesar's ghost.
What is a soliloquy?a long speech offered by a character while alone on stage to disclose his or her exclusive thoughts or intentions
What is an aside?a character’s quiet comment to the audience or one more character the no one else on phase is supposed to hear.
In act 5, who wins the war?Antony and Octavius
What wake up to Cassius?He death himself, thinking he has sent his friend to his death.

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In plot 1 step 2, the arguments Cassius renders to Brutus space meant toturn Brutus versus Caesar
Which character foretells dangerous occasions to come?the soothsayer
One have the right to infer the Caesar refuses the crown 3 times due to the fact that hewants the crowd to think that he is humble
When Brutus states that he is at war v himself, he method that the istorn between respect for Caesar and also fear that he will be a dictator
For Brutus, the most crucial reason because that killing Caesar is toprevent a dictatorship
The letter that Lucius gives to Brutus was really composed byCassius
At the opened of plot Two, Brutus is struggling toconvince self of the require for Caesar’s death
In action Two, one deserve to conclude that Brutus neverfully realizes Cassius’s true reasons for wanting Caesar dead
After the murder, Brutus provides a decided to the people. What is the main idea the Brutus’s speech?Caesar’s ambition would certainly make the a tyrant.
One have the right to infer the Antony reads Caesar’s will certainly last in stimulate toincite the lot by appeal to your greed
Caesar goes to the Capitol ~ above the ides of March greatly becausehe go not want to show up cowardly
After hear the contents of Caesar’s will, one can conclude the Caesarreally go love the people
The opened scene the Act four shows the Antony is actuallycold-blooded and also crafty
In action 4 scene 3, Brutus is very angry v Cassius becauseCassius has taken bribes
In action Four, who has actually the power in Rome?Antony and also Octavius
When it concerns political decisions and understanding other men’s motives, Brutus can ideal be defined asnaive
From the opening scene in plot Five, one have the right to infer the Antony and also Octavius willstruggle with each various other for power
Cassius death himself because hethinks his military has to be defeated
In act 5, Antony and also Octavius argue overhow the battle will it is in fought
When Lucilius is captured, the attempts todie in Brutus’s place
At the finish of the play, both Antony and Octaviusspeak very of Brutus