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What is DSS?The DSS (Dual Set-up System) combo function is a brand-new and innovative device exlcusive to Circle of the Moon. Basically, throughout the video game you can collect different cards reduce by enemies. To use them, go to the stop menu and select DSS. The peak row that cards are action cards, and the bottom heat of cards space attribute cards. Simply pick a card from each row by highlighting it, then exit the pause menu. Your DSS combo will currently be ready. To activate DSS mode, press the l button. Nathan will carry out a power-up animation, mirroring you that he is in DSS mode. By linking particular cards you can get numerous different effects, together as: making brand-new weapons, raising defense, strength, luck, etc. Making use of this distinct system girlfriend can create over 100 various effects. Click below for a DSS fast TableorClick on the photo of each card to check out the DSS details web page for the action Cards Mercury Mercury will certainly most likely be one of your an initial cards. They are dropped through the Bone top in the Catacomb. Linking any cards v Mercury changes your typical whip from anything come a flame whip to a whip that throws clouds the poison in ~ enemies. Venus The 2nd action map was hard for me to get. Maybe due to the fact that it is a condition enhancer. You can gain this card from the Slimes (they"re purple and drop under from ceilings to try and attack you, reason poison.) Don"t expect to get this card until you fight Necromancer. Uneven you try to acquire the card best away. This card effects your status. Depending on what you attach it through you can increase strength, defense, luck and also various other effects. Jupiter i usually obtain this map after fighting the Golem. It"s reduce by Fire Witches. They are the opponents in the machine Tower that throw fire balls in ~ you that home in ~ above you. Linking this map to one attribute card has shields that hover about you. Depending on the attribute the sheilds have various effects such as fire and ice. Mars one of my favourite cards. Getting an opponent to drop that though deserve to be tough. The only ar to gain Mars is from the flying Swords in the Chapel Tower. You might have to invest some time trying to get this one (I recognize I did), yet it"s fine worth it. Linking this map to one attribute card changes Nathan"s weapon. Native fire swords, claws, and also a hammer. No issue what, this card is one of the coolest. Diana The Diana card is reduce by Maneaters. They space in the secret Gallery. As soon as you are in the area make certain you gain it then. Otherwise it deserve to be a genuine nuisance to have to go ago and discover a Maneater later on in the game. This card causes your whip come throw various projectiles at enemies. Such as poison clouds. Apollo one more cool card, you can obtain this as soon as you obtain the push capability at the earliest. The Arc Demon drops this card and also is in the secret Warehouse. But if you have actually the push capability you have the right to have an advantage earlier in the game by going come the Catacomb and also where you walk to the Abyss Stairway is a path that bring away you to a room through a block. Press it and also there"s an Arc Demon. Gaining the card deserve to take some time since each time you have to push a box out of the way but the card is precious it. Some of the results of this card variety from forms of bombs come spears gift thrown almost everywhere the place. It yes, really is a have to have. Neptune Neptune is reduce by ice Knights in the underground Waterway. I"ve heard the they had a the majority of trouble gaining this card however I gained it very easily actually. Remember, the cheat is usage a DSS that rises luck when card hunting or as soon as trying come get brand-new items, and also equipment. Neptune is usually a defense card. If you choose it through a fire attribute card you space healed through fire. Attach with various other cards for comparable effects. Saturn girlfriend can obtain Saturn from Fallen Angels. Lock are near the entrance to the battle Arena. The card have the right to be difficult to get since there is just one adversary to the screen, but be persistent and also you will certainly be rewarded through Saturn. The results from Saturn permit you use familiars. Such together a bat and a ghost. Uranus Uranus is dropped by Scary Candles, the foe in the Golem ceo room. Favor the trick Candle, you deserve to only hit Scary candle after fighting Carmilla Uranus is a summoner card. Just about whatever attribute card you pair it with summons the monster. An interpretation pairing it through Thunderbird summons a Thunderbird. Pluto Pluto wins the award for the ideal card in the entire game. You can obtain Pluto from trick Candles, the trick Candle is discovered in the Cerberus boss room. The Pluto card is very first available after ~ the Carmilla fight. Over there are numerous effects. CV veterans will certainly be happy to understand that through this map you can use the good old item Crashes. Other impacts are super speed and also invincibility.Item Crash web page Attribute Cards Salamander This is the very first card you will certainly get. It would be like impossible to not acquire it uneven you don"t kill anyone. The Bomb Skeletons autumn Salamander. Don"t it is in surprised if you acquire the card after killing simply two that them. It"s just that basic to get. This is a fire card. For this reason if you link it to Mars you acquire a Fire Sword. For various other cards the impacts will every be fire related. Choose immunity to fire attacks. The only exemption to the is when linked to Venus you rise strength. Serpent usually I come and also get Salamander ~ fighting Cerberus. The earth Demons autumn this card. Earth Demons are the males who paris around and also cause spikes come go towards Nathan. You might get it best away i suppose. And as an included benefit to that you gain an ext experience. Serpent is ice cream elemental and also can advanced defense when linked to Venus. One of the cool parts is gift able to freeze enemies with the ice cream whip and then utilizing them as momentary platforms. Mandragora to reduce by Axe Knights. Try to acquire it ideal away. Usually can obtain it after ~ fighting Necromancer yet still try and get it best away. Mandragora is a plant card. An interpretation you have the right to have a tree whip and so forth. Can likewise increase luck. Try to always use Mandragora+Venus so friend can get items and other cards easily. Golem The Lightning Skeletons drop Golem. They deserve to be found in the Audience Room. The finest place to shot and acquire it is in the room before Necromancer over there is a conserve room, ideal by that room is a Lightning Skeleton. That method you can go earlier and forth with screens. Planet elemental card. One of the coolest offers would be that you deserve to have a shadow Nathan. Only comparison I have the right to think of space the ninja shadows from Ninja Gaiden II. Cockatrice reduce by the stone Knights that throw 3 boulders in ~ you, ns usually acquire it indigenous the persons in the Catacomb. All you need is the absent break ability and there are two in among the rooms. Cockatrice is a rock card so you can obtain a absent whip. Likewise you deserve to turn enemies into stone before castle die. Manticore The Manticore map is reduce by the Lightning Demons in the an equipment Tower and Chapel Tower. They are the demons that summon 3 balls that shoot lightning down. I uncovered it simpler to acquire the card in the Chapel due to the fact that there space two of them in the same room. Manticore has actually poison effects. In mine opinion Manticore doesn"t overall have any type of attacks that make that real helpful or make it stand out from various other cards. Other than for maybe immunity to poison, however that would only really needed in one area before you can even have the best card combination. Griffon friend can gain the Griffon card in the Audience Room. Over there is an area whereby there is no walls in the castle and also take a course up come a lengthy hallway. In the hallway there are Skeleton Athletes, store going in and out of the room for it. Be warned despite it take it me a long time because that them to drop it. Through the method I might not have explained the area very well. Afterwards I"ll article a photo of wherein it is ~ above a map. Being a wind elemental card you have the right to have a super quick whip or among the most valuable uses, having charging your whip approximately ten time its normal strength. Thunderbird The Panther guys in the Chapel Tower drop the card. Ns suggest hunting for it ideal away, it has a an extremely useful purpose. The only good spot I have the right to think of for trying to get the card is in the room before the Goat boss. Lightning elemental however don"t worry about that. One of the key reasons girlfriend would use the card for would be that you deserve to decrease the damage you take by half. And one other helpful purpose is you deserve to increase your strength based on play time. Unicorn Unicorn is reduce by the White Armors in the fight Arena. I gained Unicorn card on my 4th trip with the Arena. A holy power card, this can provide you finish invincibility however you can"t assault at that time. One of the finest uses is the divine Sword which walk a most damage. black Dog A fight Arena map exlcusive, the is dropped by the Dark armors. The battle Arena can be tough and with all adversaries it makes it harder. You"ll need a most patience to gain this card. And since you can"t usage a luck rise with DSS in the battle Arena it renders things worse. Keep at that though and it will be yours. I obtained it my an initial trip into the Arena however. Black Dog uses dark powers.

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A lot of the strikes are an effective such as a gun that Nathan can use, or some of the strange provides such as turning Nathan into a skeleton or a bear.