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Problem with 2002 Kenworth t2000 through cat c15 550hp.when driving in ~ highway speeds once I allow off accelerator or coast then reapply accelerator the engine stumbles or starts absent (truck shakes).sometimes if I push down throttle further it removes up and also runs fine various other times ( if I organize pedal wherein it is stumbling)the throttle will certainly not work at every (pedal go dead) after ~ pedal go dead that will work-related again if i lift off throttle for a few seconds.I changed tps v no difference . I acquire code 36 (speed sensor fault) .speedometer and tach work fine.
The rate sensor you have to measure the 2 coils one will certainly be a greater resistance than the other the higher one goes come the speedometer the reduced one come the ECM. Once the sensor is out take a short bar and be certain the wheel is not loose.
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AsdfgMy rate sensor on transmission is a two wire because that speedometer and also tach only (Kenworth technology answer).he said an altering that sensor would not resolve my problem.i beleave there are at the very least two various other speed sensors one for camer the various other is for crank timing.i am not certain where can sensor is on c15 engine.

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My mistake about sensor on trans linked to tack technology asked me if speedo and tack were working ok. Both seamed to occupational fine.well I"m walk to take it truck come Kenworth and also see what lock come up with
Had that difficulty will my kenworth and also Pete, it to be the timing sensor, in front and above the waiting compressor. Expense like 150 bucks, bring away 5 minutes to put in, Kenworth is going come gouge friend hard.
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