International, the wireless subsidiary the Deutsche Telekom (NYSE:DT) this day announced that around the world acclaimed Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones will certainly be its worldwide spokeswoman. is one of the world leading suppliers of wireless voice, data and also messaging services and also will be bringing its family members of service providers together under the global brand name later this year. Those companies incorporate VoiceStream Wireless in the united States and the carriers in Germany (former T-D1), the uk (former One2One), Austria (former Max.Mobil), and the Czech Republic (former RadioMobil). Deutsche Telekom’s subsidiaries and also affiliated suppliers today carry out services to an ext than 69 million mobile customers worldwide.

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Zeta-Jones will carry the new an international brand to life by showing up in’s an international advertising campaign. The project will begin this summer in California with the debut of the brand in the joined States and will follow shortly in the joined Kingdom and the rest of the joined States and also Europe by the end of the year.

“Catherine’s difficult work, dedication, and also engaging personality have given her strong international appeal as a respect actress who resides life come the fullest – ~ above her very own terms – and also make she the perfect an option to represent”, stated Kai Uwe Ricke, CEO of International.

john Stanton, Chairman that VoiceStream and’s phibìc American to work said, “Catherine Zeta-Jones is the ‘tour de force’ to deliver’s GET more message globally. Catherine’s gained the right combination of global appeal, intellect, and style and exudes a remarkable mindset of self confidence and reassurance – all the attributes we desire the brand to represent in the marketplace.”

A self-proclaimed ‘technology nut’, Zeta-Jones stated she was attracted to’s ‘get more from life’ message, since it winter the method she uses wireless communications to boost her own life. “I’m extremely excited to it is in working through top top a global basis,” claimed Zeta-Jones. “Wireless communications are one integral part of our culture today. The capacity to reach someone on a whim to share a story, or a laugh, or a storage is very empowering. Together a worldwide company, is the perfect catalyst because that that form of voluntary communication. Ns thrilled to it is in helping spread out the message that civilization can live much more and get an ext from their day-to-day lives by utilizing’s service, simply as ns do,” claimed Zeta-Jones.

as the just true, an international wireless service provider, is uniquely positioned to sell customers the selection of making use of their same wireless phone and also number to stay linked with friends and family once traveling internationally. The company will lug its family of wireless companies together under a single brand name and also marketing strategy this year – “Get more with” as the worldwide spokeswoman of, Zeta-Jones will promote the company’s GET more promise worldwide – the customers around the world will get much more value, much more features and an ext service indigenous therefore they can use the convenience that wireless service to get much more from life.

Zeta-Jones started performing professionally together a teenager and also has been equally deemed in theatre, television and film. She has actually quickly come to be one the Holllywood’s most sought-after top ladies adhering to her breakout power in 1998’s The Mask of Zorro, starring Antonio Banderas. Zeta-Jones winner the 1999 european People’s selection Film compensation for ideal Actress for her work in Entrapment certification opposite Sean Connery and received a golden Globe Nomination for best Supporting Actress in the 2000 Academy compensation Winning movie Traffic. Zeta-Jones other credits encompass The Haunting through Liam Neeson in 1999, and America’s Sweetheart’s in 2001 the opposite Julia Roberts, Billy Crystal and John Cusack.

The commitment with Zeta-Jones commences an initial 2-year connection as’s worldwide brand personality.

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Based in Bellevue, Wash., USA, Inc. Is the U.S. Wireless operation of Deutsche Telekom AG. By the end of the very first quarter that 2010, roughly 150 million mobile customers were offered by the mobile communication segments that the Deutsche Telekom group – 33.7 million through USA – all via a common modern technology platform based on GSM and also UMTS, the world’s many widely supplied digital wireless standards. USA’s fix up wireless products and also services aid empower civilization to attach to those who matter most. Lot of independent research study studies continue to location among the greatest in countless regions transparent the U.S. In wireless customer care and also call quality. For more information, you re welcome visit is a federally registered trademark of Deutsche Telekom AG.