When you remove the intake manifold ~ above the 5.3-liter Vortec Chevrolet, you must remove it as an assembly, together with the accelerator body, fuel injectors and fuel injection rail. The intake has to be eliminated to change the input manifold gasket, which go crack and also leak after part time. The leak will certainly only gain bigger, and cause the engine to operation poorly if excess air is suck in via vacuum, and oil will also leak out onto the engine.

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Slide the drain pan under the radiator petcock. Ease the petcock and enable the coolant to drain. If the coolant and drain pan is clean, and the coolant is less than five years old, you deserve to reuse the coolant. Eliminate the PCV hose and valve by pulling it off the engine. Unplug the manifold absolute push sensor, then eliminate it, using the ideal socket. Eliminate engine coolant wait bleed clamp, utilizing the screwdriver, then eliminate the hose from the accelerator body.

Unplug the punch sensor. Remove the accelerator control cable bracket, utilizing the ideal socket. Eliminate the cable from the accelerator body, using the screwdriver. Unscrew the fuel heat from the fuel rail, utilizing the proper line wrench. Eliminate the EVAP solenoid, the bolt and isolator, making use of the ideal sockets.

Number the intake manifold bolts, utilizing the marker in the complying with sequence: starting on the passenger side front that the engine, number the bolts 10, 4, 1, 5 and 8. On the driver"s side, beginning at the prior of the engine, number the bolts 7, 6, 2, 3 and 9. Number the head the the bolt and also the entry manifold, for this reason you know where each bolt goes.

Remove the input manifold bolts, climate lift the input manifold turn off the engine. Clean the gasket-mating surface of the intake manifold and the head, using the plastic scraper and shop rags. If you space not reusing the intake deliver the throttle body and any sensors, consisting of the MAP sensor and also EVAP solenoid, from the old intake come the brand-new intake. Number the bolt holes through the exact same numbers together on the old entry manifold.

Fit a brand-new intake manifold gasket onto the engine. Collection the entry manifold top top the gaskets. Use a 0.20 inch tape of threadlock top top the object of the input manifold bolts. Tighten the bolts, in sequence, come 44 inch-pounds ~ above the an initial pass, then on the 2nd pass to 89 inch-pounds the torque.

Reinstall the PCV valve and hose. Reinstall the coolant air bleed hose and clamp onto the accelerator body. Reinstall the accelerator manage cable and its bracket. Tighten the bolts come 89 inch-pounds the torque.

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