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When you rent a car, you should end up being familiar with all elements of the vehicle before you leave the lot. Below are 10 things to check before you drive off:

Start the CarTurn top top the Air conditioning or HeatLook in the glove CompartmentCheck the Gas GaugeFamiliarize yourself with safety FeaturesInspect the ExteriorPop the TrunkTry the end the LightsAdjust the Seat and also MirrorsTest the Entertainment and also Navigation Systems

When traveling, arriving at your location can typical rushing to the rental car counter and wanting come dash to the automobile to acquire on the road. But before you take off, it may be a good idea come familiarize yourself through the rental vehicle. Girlfriend don’t want to be fumbling because that the controls and adjusting your setups while driving — specifically when she navigating a new vehicle and also unfamiliar roads. Prior to you rent a car, make sure you have actually adequate coverage, and also run v this checklist before driving off the lot of to aid ensure a safe and also comfortable ride:

1. Begin the Car

Do you need a key to begin the car, or is it a push-button ignition?Listen for any unusual sounds from the engine. If girlfriend hear anything out of the ordinary, lug it come the fist of the rental auto company.Look for any warning signals on the dash, such as the check engine light. Again, alarm a rental agent if any kind of warning lamp appear.

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2. Revolve on the Air air conditioning or Heat

Familiarize yourself with the place of the controls.Adjust the vents to your wanted position.Are the temperature and fan settings working properly?Sniff for any type of unusual odors. If yes sir an unpleasant odor in the auto — or one the is triggering any kind of allergies — asking to adjust vehicles.

3. Look in the glove Compartment

Make certain there’s one owner’s hand-operated in the vehicle, USA now recommends. If not, and you have a question around how something works, questioning the rental certified dealer or carry out a rapid online search by make and model because that the answer.1Is there a registration map for the vehicle?Do you have actually the rental agency’s resolve and emergency phone number?

4. Examine the Gas Gauge

Look in ~ the gas gauge. Is the gas tank full? If not, phone call the rental agent. Many rental auto companies need customers come return the automobile with the same amount the fuel as as soon as they choose it up, The new York times says.2On which next of the vehicle is the gas tank?Learn exactly how the gas-tank door opens. Is over there a release switch or lever inside the car?

5. Familiarize yourself with safety Features

Where are the cruise manage settings? does the auto have traditional or adaptive cruise control?Familiarize you yourself with attributes like the parking brake and also back-up cameras, if the auto has them. Walk it have actually a blind-spot detection system? If so, learn just how to use it, together these systems may differ relying on the make and model of the vehicle, U.S. News & world Report notes.3 If you’re not certain what a safety sensor means or how to use a specific feature, asking the rental agent or inspect the owner’s manual.

6. Check the Exterior

Document and photograph any kind of pre-existing dents, scrapes or other damage.Check that the patent plate tags room current.Are the tires properly inflated and also do they show even wear?

7. Popular music the Trunk

Is over there a trunk release on the key fob, dashboard or just the tribe itself?Is there a totally inflated preventive tire, jack and lug wrench?Is there an ice scraper or eye brush, in situation you encounter winter weather?

8. Shot Out the Lights

Do the headlights come on immediately or perform you have to manually rotate them on and off?Where room the headlight, high beam, hazard light and also interior irradiate controls?Is there an indicator light for your revolve signals on your dashboard or on your side mirrors?

9. Adjust the Seat and Mirrors

Adjust her seat position so that you easily reach the pedals and also have clear sight lines all around.Is your seat comfortable? change the angle of the seat ago and the lumbar support.Do the next mirrors wrinkles in?Adjust the side and also rear-view mirrors to your wanted position.

10. Test the Entertainment and also Navigation Systems

Find the USB ports and plug in any kind of devices before you drive.Connect her phone via Bluetooth before driving; some vehicles won’t do that link while the automobile is in motion.Familiarize yourself through the sound system controls and change to your desired settings prior to you collection out.Does the car have GPS? enter your destination prior to leaving.Remember to never ever use your handheld smartphone when driving.

By running with these 10 items, friend can aid make certain your trip goes together smoothly as possible.

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