My 2009 Aveo 5 has had the lock fall in top top the drivers side. "Back In The Day" dashboard removal was a snap. But, I have actually no idea exactly how to eliminate this door panel. Hand-operated Windows, door locks. The only thing Auto top top this auto is the transmission. Ns would considerably appreciate some step by step instructions. I"m acquiring older for this reason its no as simple as it offered to be. Many thanks in advancement for the help.Kramer

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Yep, those peeps have the exact same problem, but, I have to know exactly how to acquire the within door dashboard off. Instead of the lock will be simple enough (From my lips to gods ears) but looking at this door dashboard there space no screws, no anything I recognize as a means to eliminate the panel.
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FYI, there space a number of different threads around panel removal...Put "door panel" together a query in the search box and you"ll find several.Here"s one that might interest girlfriend (with photos)... Http://
There room a many of good instructions approximately the 2008 model, the 2009 is fully different and cannot be gotten rid of in the same means as the 04-08 Aveo. Instructions for the 09-10 are escaping me.
careful once you remove the plastic cover that goes behind the door latch,,, there room 4 clips basic to break,

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First un screw the manual door lock pin. Then there are screws follow me the bottom that the panel, friend will require a device to remove the clip for the manual window crank. It is in careful! this clip is like a spring and will shoot off choose a bullet, took 30 minutes to discover it in the driveway. Over there is a screw behind the door opener handle and also one where you pull the door shut too if i remember correctly. There are several clips that wil organize the dashboard on, double check to make certain you have removed all screws. Then pull up and out. The totality panel have to come free. Currently there will be a thin plastic membrane, it can be peeled back and still be sticky sufficient to put ago when you are done. Take an extendable magnet and also fish out the bolt and also or lock mechanism. When this happened I believed someone had actually tried come break into my car, turned out there was only among two screws installed from the factory. I checked out the hardware store and also found a matching bolt and also re fastened the lock mechanism. That was 3 years ago. No troubles since.