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After transforming the battery because that my Dodge cool Caravan 2002 ES, the CD player wont work. The lights room blinking on the cd panel. It is a constructed in 5 CD changer. I tried disconnecting the an adverse terminal the end for 30 minute or much more but still that did not re set the CD player. Anyone recognize whats dorn or just how to reset this?Thanks.
Which lights room blinking? The ones because that the equalizer controls? In a High, Low, off pattern?If your answer is yes, 보다 I"m sorry to say the your cd player is most likely shot. It"s a common instance on the 2g Stratus (01+) which offers the exact same radios together our vans.
Just review your various other thread around the brake light. You weren"t talking around the cd changer developed into the radio, you were talking around the one that sits down listed below the AC controls, right?Can you describe which lights are blinking ~ above that? you may also have to traction the panel out and also disconnect and re-connect the wires the run between the radio and also the changer.I was thrown turn off by the 4 cd changer (which is typical for the radio based changers), the usual external changer is 5 disc. No too common to watch the 4disc exterior in the vans.
Hi. Correctly its the cd player below the AC. The lamp are just on the Cd buttons which allows you eject every CD. There space no various other buttons ~ above the cd player/changer. Currently i i do not know remember if the 4 or 5 CD player.How execute i pull the panel?Thanks for all your help. This is a good forum.. I have been act a most self service work

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There isn"t any codes. OP"s radio works, just not the exterior changer.Does the changer make any type of noise once you try to insert/eject discs?To pull the panel the end right over the cup holder is a thin piece of plastic. Gently pull that out from the bottom, that is just clipped in. Covert underneath this tiny piece is 2 screws. Remove those, and also pull tenderness up. The rest of the center dash is simply clipped in. You"ll view the screws holding in the radio/ac/cd changer when that is removed. Try to remove the cable from in between the radio and changer, turn on the radio and also see if over there is any type of error, shut down again, and also re-connect the cable. If this does no work, you may have a failure changer unit, and also it will should be replaced.
Thanks, i will try that. The cd player doesnt desire to take any CD"s in. I believe there even might be 1 cd in there. No noise. Do i need to disconnect any type of battery terminal before pulling the end the CD cable ?
Pull the IOD fuse, or simply the Radio fuse if you have one. It"s a lot easier than the whole battery, especially due to the fact that you"ll it is in pulling it and putting it ago a couple of times. I didn"t mention, yet pull the cable indigenous both end (radio and also changer) come make sure nothing acquired shaken loosened over the years.
I disconnected the CD player and also reconnected it. The lights space still blinking, did not fix it. However i did not remove the radio connection as that wasnt available that simple so ns left it together is. Radio was/is functioning there any way else come reset the cd player various other than just disconnecting it. This sucks

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yes i think there might be 1 or 2 cds in there. I am guessing that ns will have to open up the CD player.

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same cd changer issue
I have the exact same cd changer issue. That is a 4 key cd changer indigenous a 2001 Chrysler Town and also Country. Ns pulled the old changer out and replaced the with an additional like it. Currently I obtain the lamp flashing ~ above the front. As soon as I put the old radio earlier in, the lights don"t speed (of course the one doesn"t work).... Therefore what"s the deal?? my dealer states that there is no code for this radio or van. I have actually no idea what to do now.
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