Dana Point, the it s as beautiful as picture gateway to southern California, is a place where laid-back coast vibes and luxury meet in one idyllic surf town. Even if it is you decide to get to Dana point by car, plane, train, boat or bus, Dana point offers visitors year-round accessibility to the pristine beaches and seaside resorts.

Directions come Dana Point

Nestled directly in between Southern California’s largest cities – Los Angeles and San Diego – this Orange County destination can be conveniently accessed native several major airports.

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I-5 is the major north-south path through Orange County and also passes v the eastern part of the city, making acquiring to Dana allude by auto a breeze. State course 1 begins in Dana allude and proceeds northwest v the city to other coastal Orange ar towns and attractions. Those who like to travel by train or bus will be happy come hear the both Amtrak and Metrolink service surrounding San Juan Capistrano and San Clemente. Native there, you deserve to Uber or take the Dana allude Trolley right into town.

Flying to Dana Point

With the recent upgrades come Dana Point’s nearest airport, john Wayne airport (SNA), and five various other airports in ~ 100 miles of Dana Point, it’s never been less complicated to paris to southerly California. From john Wayne Airport, the a nearly traffic-free, 25-minute drive down CA-73 come Dana Point. Most rental automobile companies tie the license plates come a toll fee transponder, make it smooth for friend to gain from the airport come the ocean. No trying to find spare readjust to salary a toll!

Book making use of your favorite airline through among these significant international airports:


John Wayne Airport, Orange ar (SNA)Los Angeles global Airport (LAX)LA/Ontario worldwide Airport (ONT)Long beach Airport (LGB)San Diego global Airport (SAN)Palm Springs international Airport (PSP)

Directions come Dana suggest by Car

Easily accessed from north, south and east (hopefully, you aren’t driving native the Pacific Ocean) via the mountain Diego (5) Freeway or Pacific shore Highway, directions to Dana suggest by car are quick and painless.

From Los Angeles: take the I-5 south to exit 79/CA-1. As soon as you’re off the freeway, you’ll uncover yourself virtually immediately at Doheny State Beach. Seriously, the s is ideal there when you get off that the exit.

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From san Diego: take it the I-5 North for 61 mile to exit 79/CA-1 in the direction of the Pacific coast Highway. Boom! you’re in Dana Point.

Distances come Dana Point:From Laguna beach – 7 milesFrom Newport coast – 19 milesFrom Huntington beach – 29 milesFrom Carlsbad/Legoland – 35 milesFrom Anaheim/Disneyland – 39 milesFrom long Beach – 39 milesFrom san Diego Wild pet Park – 58 milesFrom san Diego/Sea world – 61 milesFrom Los Angeles – 65 milesFrom universal Studios – 68 milesFrom san Diego Zoo – 68 milesFrom Rodeo Drive/Beverly Hills – 70 milesFrom Palm Springs – 105 miles

Directions to Dana allude by Train

Enjoy the California landscape as soon as you access Dana allude by bus or train. Take the Amtrak and also Metrolink come the surrounding San Juan Capistrano Amtrak/Metrolink station. This is one of Amtrak’s most distinct depots, together passenger locations are housed in vintage boxcars. Castle sit next to the historic, Mission Revival-style Santa Fe depot constructed in 1894. You can additionally get turn off the train in san Clemente. Both are simply minutes under the roadway from Dana Point. Friend can conveniently take a taxi, Uber, Lyft or trolley ideal down come the beach!